Real Life War App Looks Like Starcraft

As Solid Snake once so eloquently stated, war has changed.

iPad devices, used by iPod carrying soldiers, possibly emailing back home using iMac laptops.

War has changed.

And now, almost like the Solid Eye from MGS4, we have the SoldierEyes app for the iPad, which is designed to show the locations of fellow soldier units and enemies simultaneously. It's a system that allows soldiers to capture terrain and enemy locations before transmitting them to fellow soldiers and commanders using an iPod touch. That information is then displayed on an iPad allowing commanders to direct their troops more effeciently.

It's pretty insane. And what's more insane is just how similar the iPad application is to a game of Starcraft. Except, of course for the fact that, in this case, there are the obvious real life consequences.

Which got us to thinking - how good would it be if we could negate the loss of human life by fighting wars on the virtual stage. Why can't Israel and Palestine just get together over a quick online game of Starcraft and settle their differences man to man? Oh yeah, the decades and decades of shared history and conflict - almost forgot about that for a second...

Unleash the iPads of War [Wired]


    Yeah--this makes me a little nervous. We talked about Ender's Game a few weeks ago on this very website. Ring any bells?

    It also points to an even more obvious dovetail in that industrial-military complex, but even moreso, kind of a commercial-industrial-military complex.

    Per the last point, diplomacy is meant to negate the loss of human life. Its meant to essentially be war with words, and if you think of it in terms of debate and rhetoric, it is. But both sides have to agree to play by the rules. The people who are willing to toss the game aside and pull the trigger will ALWAYS win. So... both sides have to be willing to if either is to survive.

    Humans are dumb animals.

    Command and Conquer anyone?

    Pingspikes and Lag are really going to suck to the soldiers playing this, no?

    Perhaps this could create new jobs for pro starcraft players?

    Also, the Army could recruit a new type of soldier... "Join the Army, become a Rush troop!"

    Hey Mark, sorry to be pedantic but this is the third time I've seen you use the phrase 'mano e mano' and I don't think you realise that it means hand to hand, not man to man.

    That said, I do quite like the idea of ditching the technology and fighting wars with our fists.

      Oh my god. My wife speaks fluent spanish. She will kill me if she reads this.

      Thanks for the heads up!

      I never thought of it like that. Would it be 'hombre e hombre'? Or 'herman e hermano'?

        According to Babelfish
        de hombre a hombre

        I think ‘hombre e hombre’ means something else altogether...

    NO ONE would be able to stop the South Korean world domination if wars were fought over Starcraft...

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