Red Dead Redemption: Messin' With Sasquatch?

Posted today on Rockstar's official blog, under the headline "WTF?" Will we be seeing Bigfoot in Undead Nightmare? Thanks to tipster Walter P.


    Well done - All pictures of any creature considered remotely fantasy are shot as a blurry, out of focus subject: Bigfoot, UFOs, Unicorns and Eskimos...

    But in this "day and age" with our HD cameras, and Auto-Focus devices, why isn't there a clear shot?
    Are they all just misleading imagery and weather balloons?

      wtf? do you realise this is a video game not a real photo?

        I think popcultured was applauding Rockstar's use of blur in this screenshot as accurate to "real" cryptozoology photography and then, as a separate but related line of thought, wondering why real photos haven't moved beyond this typical blurriness.

        It's a screen from Red Dead Redemption, Yes.

        And don't you realise I was paraphrasing a quote from The Simpsons? And if you bothered to look at my nickname, you may have know I was making informed witty commentary.

    To completely go with the joke I hope they've got Bigfoot wearing a watch...

    That's no bigfoot...

    The blurry bandolier and if you squint just right the bowcaster is a dead give way that it's Chewie.

    Run Marston, there ain't no way you're going to be able to skin him, his cheap firing friend is sure to be close by in some bar.

    I for one am glad to see Robin Williams making his video game debut.


      Comment of the week, maybe even year.

    ooohhhhhh, I thought this was going to be another Messin’ With Sasquatch commercial

    I would buy this if they have other Cryptoids in it besides bigfoot.

    Holy s**t its big foot! :O

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