Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare Comes To Life

After teasing us for two days, Rockstar finally delivers the terrifying trailer for Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare downloadable content. It was well worth the wait.

The end of the trailer tells us that the Undead Nightmare downloadable content is coming "very soon," but that's not soon enough. Multiplayer is entertaining and all, but what I crave is more single-player story gameplay in Red Dead, and that's exactly what this trailer is giving me.

And in case you're more of a multiplayer fan, there'll be something in there for you as well. Just let us single-player fans have our moment.


    Zombies really are the flavour of the month, which suits me just fine. I only hope Stephanie Meyer doesn't take a shining to them and do what she did to vampires

      Oh she will, but they'd be vegetarian ones, who have a pulse and live in society, seeking to date underage girls and have babies with them... *cough Edwardsapedophile cough*

        *cough WeresmurfknowstoomuchaboutTwilight cough*

      She was beaten to it by Supernatural. Now eventually the show did grow some balls and have a proper night of the living dead esq episode, but the early seasons it was all "I am dead? But I have so much love to give! Won't somebody please... love... me?"

      And not a brain was eaten. I am disappoint.


    How's this going to work, how are u going to be able to access this dlc if you have already finished the game (you ppl know what I mean).

    Oh man, that looks freakin' Awesome! I too have been dying for some more singleplayer RDR stuff.

    The multiplayer is fun, but I can never get a lag free game. Ever. So it's an exercise in frustration most of the time. Hell I can never seemingly connect to a Free Roam game these days.

    Bears... Undead Bears. My God...

    Then that might mean undead Cougars, 2nd and 3rd greatest foes come back from the dead.

    (my number one greatest foe in all video games is a fence)

    So I guess this will be coming out around Halloween. Looks awesome. I can't wait to play as John again.

    Also, quick question, can you use the extra weapons from the previous DLC packs offline in free roam? I haven't bought any DLC for this game yet because I never play online, but I'll definitely be getting this.

    Any news on RDR for PC?

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