Report: FarmVille 'Breaks' Facebook Privacy Rules, Sends Personal Info To Ad Firms

Dozens of Facebook applications, including Zynga's wildly popular casual games FarmVille, Mafia Wars and FrontierVille, transmit user data in violation of the social network's privacy settings, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ's investigation finds that apps like FarmVille have been transmitting identifying information to "dozens of advertising and Internet tracking companies" that could grant advertisers and online tracking firms access to players' names—and the names of their Facebook friends. That includes Facebook users who have their profiles set to the most strict privacy settings.

According to the Journal's findings, Facebook users' unique ID numbers were transmitted to outside companies by many of the top apps, including FarmVille. That number provides anyone with the name of a Facebook user.

App makers Rapleaf and LOLapps were named alongside Zynga in the WSJ's report. A Zynga spokesperson is quoted, saying that the company "has a strict policy of not passing personally identifiable information to any third parties." It says it will be working with Facebook to improve privacy.

Facebook in Privacy Breach [WSJ]


    tut tut tut. Facebook is under a strict no access in my house at the moment for these very reasons

      Well then I hope your tinfoil hat isn't on too tight. You should also have a strict no access to google as well. Or do you just specialise in ignorance and over-the-top crazy?

        Ahhh, no, not too over the top ignorant! I have 2 daughters, who have just had their behinds banished from facebook for typical girly squabbles. Now they don't know who said what now about them on facebook and peace has returned once more!

    Zynga using user data irresponsibly? ON MY INTERNETS?

    It's more likely than you think/

    BUT HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Everyone knows that Zynga is a responsible, innovative company with only the best interests for its clients, headed by a morally incorruptible saint only interested in other people's welfare and denounces any form of corporate greed

    No suprise here. Zynga has shown little customer care the past 2 years, as i've seen the lack of period updates for that time (myspace). Each week they would post an update up on mafia wars letting people know what was happening as well as events occuring, but now you'd be lucky to see something every 8 months. Not to mention they have really been pushing the whole "money for pixels" idea.

    BIG surprise. Zynga is run by a scamming DOUCHEBAG.

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