Report: Halo Movie Might Happen With Spielberg In Unexpected Way

Microsoft's "on hold" plans for a Halo film series may be back on again, with Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks Pictures "renewing its efforts to obtain the rights and revive the project," according to a new report.

NY Mag's entertainment column, Vulture, cites "insiders" in a report that claims DreamWorks is "focusing on using novelisations of the video game" for a planned adaptation of the Halo franchise.

Why the books? Reportedly, the argument is that DreamWorks will focus on different source material than the games, which Universal studios already sank some $US12 million in development into. Spielberg's studio would ideally avoid being responsible for reimbursing those costs.

This is not the first time Spielberg and DreamWorks have been rumoured to be attached to a Halo film project. Last year, film site IESB reported that the director of sci-fi fare like Jurassic Park, War of the Worlds and Minority Report was "blown away" by screenwriter Stuart Beattie's treatment - based on the book Halo: The Fall of Reach - and was in "active negotiations" to get his hands on Halo.

Microsoft recently said it's still interested in bringing Halo to the big screen but "won't move on it until there's a great reason to do it". Spielberg's involvement sure sounds like a great reason.

The New Halo Game Is a Hit - So What's the Status of the Halo Movie? [NY Mag]


    Don;t let Spielburg near any movies!! Especially a Halo one... He'll replace all the guns with walkie-talkies!

    Bring back Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson. I want some delicious WETA effects and Andy Serkis mo-capping Brutes

    Sounds like Spielberg would take the Halo cannon more seriously than Bungie themselves. I hope he does the NOVEL, "FALL OF Reach". Then Halo fans could see how badly Bungie threw their own cannon out the window with that game.

      Someone fetch me some sugar for this bitter halo fan!

      hehe :P

        I'll need some sugar too.

        Bungie dropped the oddball on this one.

      Seeing as Bungie created the Canon (not Cannon) of the Halo universe, I guess they have every right to make a game on it how they want.

    The BOOKS? Seriously? Epic freakin' fail!

    Lets make a video game movie and ignore the video game we're making the movie from!! Yeah, that'll work reeeeeeeeeeeeal well *massive facepalm*

      **Facepalms with Corteks**

      I think its a fine idea. The storyline in Halo wasn't bad, but it wasn't all that amazing either. If not for backstory being filled in through other mediums then there would a lot of questions left un-answered, to the point where it would feel like lazy writing.

      I would like to see this movie get made, I have always said a game not based on the exact storyline of the games would work much better, but rather a general one about the war. I haven't read these books but by the sounds of it there is some good stuff in there, though perhaps some not so good stuff too (was there really a time altering crystal?).

      It's disappointing that Peter Jackson and Neil Blomkamp won't be involved as I think both of them could do great things with it, perhaps better than Steven Spielberg; especially with WETA. But I will give Spielberg a change.

      I don't want to interrupt your facepalming, but the keyword here is "source material" they can do whatever they want with that. The source material for Pirates was a rollercoaster I believe.

      It's pretty obvious they are stressing the source material for purely legal reasons. But keep slapping yourself in the face, it looks good on you.

        If I was asked, "Would you rather a Halo movie based on the legaly acceptable/negotiable 'Source material', or no movie at all?"
        My answer hands down would be "No movie at all".

        Corteks is expressing the general concern that the different source material isn't good enough. Fans and newcomers alike deserve the Halo movie experience to be in the best possible taste.
        If the legal red tape is ruining the way the story can be told, don't tell it at all.

    So much nerd rage. If anyone takes a step back from the controller and look at it from a purely literary/sci-fi perspective, they'll realise that Halo has one of the most derivative, generic and uninspired plots ever.

    And don't go into this whole "But the books were good!" The novelisations are just that, a shameless attempt to cash in on the popularity of the franchise by hiring ghost writers or professional novelisation-writers by the bucket.

    Halo still doesn't have its Timothy Zahn/Heir to the Empire and will continue to wallow in its mediocrity. If they want to make a genuine attempt at story, they'll have to start from scratch with a fresh screenplay. No adaptions.

    And Spielberg involved doesn't mean squat. He produces plenty of films these days that always get the "seal of approval", the most egregious recent example would be Transformers 2. Spielberg should be ashamed his name was even anywhere near the pile of garbage.

    PS: I have the Halo games, enjoy it every now and then. But fans treating it like the greatest disservice every time there's an announcement the adaption has been halted/cancelled/made in an unsatisfactory manner forever amuses me.

    i'v read the books, and if they made a movie from the book it would be alot differnt then the game. the books about captain keys from halo 1, and his adventures fighting the covernent in SPACE. and some of it is about sparten 117 as we know. it would be good if they started fromt the start like in the book all about the spartan program and how they stole children to make super solders, that there would be a good movie! but if they just tried to put all 3 games into 1 movie it would be crap

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