Report: Man Sets Fire To GameStop, In Stand-off With Police

A man has reportedly set fire to and barricaded himself within a Roseville, California, GameStop location, claiming to have possession of a gun in a stand-off with local police. The Westfield Galleria at Roseville has been evacuated.

According to reports from the scene, the fire set by the man has been extinguished by sprinklers and police have not made contact with the individual. GameStop employees appear to have been evacuated from the store. There are no reports of any injuries, nor has the suspect's name been released.

A KCRA reporter at the mall says the subject "went into the store... and said his sister was being held captive".

Update: Reports from Roseville police indicate that gun shots have been fired, but it is still unclear whether the suspect or police are responsible for those shots. Live video from the Westfield Galleria mall shows that the fire may still be burning.

Update 2: A suspect appears to be in custody. Roseville police have sent the bomb squad into the mall to ascertain the contents of a backpack reportedly left on the scene by the suspect.

Update 3: Police have the suspect in custody and will reportedly charge him with arson. No shots were fired at the scene, despite previous reports.

Thanks for the tip, Elly.

Man Starts Fire, Barricades Himself Inside Roseville's Galleria Mall GameStop [Fox40]


    The "shot" fired was a non-lethal projectile fired by SWAT to break the glass on the front of the store and apprehend the suspect.

    Though the suspect is in custody, the GameStop and several stores around it have gone up in flames. The suspect set fire to the GameStop before being apprehended and that fire continues to blaze out of control.

    I can see it from my office.

    They obviously didn't have Battletoads in stock, as per usual.

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