Report: New Gaming Hardware Revealed Today Via MTV

According to a very cryptic report from Gaming Age, a "major consumer electronics company" will unveil a new "gaming related" product today. And they'll do so tonight via MTV.

That report claims that MTV reality show Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory will see the unveiling (or "teasing") of a new product - hardware? software? a combination of both? - from an unnamed electronics manufacturer at 9.30pm ET/6.30pm PT. MTV's not typically the place that the big players like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft tend to reveal their major platforms, although the last name on that list did showcase its Xbox 360 in an MTV-aired special in 2005.

Given that the report specifies a "major consumer electronics company," it might behoove the prognosticators in the crowd to lean closer to the Samsungs, Panasonics, Philips and, yes, maybe even the Sonys of the world when making their predictions.

Major consumer electronics company to tease new gaming-related product tonight [Gaming Age][Pic]


    I'll put a dollar on it just being Rockband 3 and the keyboard attachment.

    But I hope I'm wrong, it would be cool if it was something totally new.

    Dreamcast 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Please let it be so...


    my dollar is on kinect, it its going to be a crap, fake demo

    Its virtual boy 2, Nintendo just decided to halt the 3DS and try this again.

    PSP2 -excited- C'mon let the rumors be true, I love my PSP but there needs to be a next gen!


    I really hope it isn't that Panasonic Jungle thing...

    MTV really... MTV?

    So do we know what this is yet? Isn't it well after 9.30PM in the 'States?

      The Panasonic Jungle.

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