Resident Evil Creator To Develop Games For...Bethesda

Tango Gameworks, the new studio headed up by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, has just been bought by Zenimax Media, the firm which also owns Oblivion developers Bethesda and Doom creators id.

Mikami, whose last project was the just-released Vanquish, will remain in Tokyo with his team, where he will remain as the head of the studio and take the role of creative lead on "all future projects". Tango's games will be published by Bethesda Softworks, whose most recent title was Fallout: New Vegas

Seems like a strange fit, but in this day and age - when Dead or Alive's creator is making games for THQ and Konami has Spaniards make a Castlevania game - anything's possible.


    They've got a surprising stable of developers now, I hope they're smart enough to let them colaborate in some way.

    Bethesda RPG open world with id brilliant construction meets Japanese style and flair? Yes please.

    Hopefully, new IP.

      Hopefully, new animations.

    What happens to Platinum ??

      Still going, just without Mikami.

    I'm excited. This is how it should be, the walls of race/culture breaking down. This is evolution.

    There will be no western or eastern RPGs any more just RPGs.


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