Resident Evil On 3DS Looks Very Good And Familiar

Wasn't it the PSP that was supposed to make gamers feel like they could hold console games in their hands? Here's the upcoming Resident Evil: Revelations played on a Nintendo 3DS. That sure looks like RE4 and RE5.

Resident Evil Revelations is among the first wave of games coming from Capcom for Nintendo's upcoming 3D, motion-sensitive gaming handheld. We first saw the game in trailer form in June. It is one of two RE games slated for the 3DS, the other a remake of or sequel to the Mercenaries score-attack mode seen in recent console editions of the series.

Great work, YouTube user LogicToilet, for uploading these videos of Japanese people playing this 3DS game. I can't speak the language, but I think we all get the gist here.

The 3DS is slated for a February release in Japan. It's coming to the rest of the world after that.

[3DS] Resident Evil: Revelations [YouTube via 8-4's @sprsk]


    Looks great but... No dual thumbsticks... PSP2 come fix this?

      Troll much?

        I think it's a fair point by Barnes. I'm sure Nintendo did consider dual sticks, but decided to go with a single stick. I dont think it matters considering Resident Evil 4 didnt really make advantage of the second stick on Gamecube or PS2 anyway.

          Does it need to have the second thumb stick?

          Why not just have the touchscreen act as the second stick like in Geometry Wars Galaxies on the DS. I thought that worked great.

        It's easy for lefty to use left hand to control analog, but it's hard for them to use right hand to control stylus....

        so having dual analog is a must for lefty, so that they can use right hand to control analog, and left hand for stylus

    Funny because they keeps talking about how it's so scary with it being Biohazard and 3D, but the guy keeps smiling.

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