Rock Band 3: Right On Time!

Rock Band 3: Right On Time!

Rock Band 3: Right On Time!Good news everyone! Not only will Rock Band 3 be releasing here at the same time as our US counterparts, we’ll actually be getting it (shush, keep it quiet so they don’t change their minds) before the rest of the world.

The official Australian street date for Rock Band 3 is October 28. Some Aussie retail sites have the date down as October 21 (as does wikipedia) but that’s actually the shipping date. The official on-sale is precisely a week later. Rock Band 3 goes onsale in the US during the first week of November.

It’s great news for Rock Band fans, who have become accustomed to massive delays with the series. The original Rock Band suffered from a chronic delay, as did the sequel, so we’re extremely relieved to see that the three-quel will arrive ahead of schedule.

In other news – the Rock Band 3 tracklist is looking stellar, with plenty of keytar-tastic songs on the horizon. Personally, The Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News is going to be on serious rotation at my house – what about you guys?


  • So will the instruments be available at that time as well? I want the new 102 button guitar and the keyboard as well.

  • 🙁 That’s not good news. We have US versions of the first two games along with DLC bought from the US store. We have to wait for the US date plus shipping time.

    Looking forward to using the keytar thingy, not so sure about Pro guitar though, looks a bit complex.

    • I’m in the same boat but meh. I’ll be well into Fallout New Vegas by that time so no rush! Plus I have to wait for some new instruments to arrive from the US too. Forget paying those outrageous EB prices.

  • Brilliant! Just this morning I was wondering about RB3 for Aus. Now need to hope they get the RB2 export key on PS Store in time too!

    Also broke my RB1 drum pedal though; need to buy a new one…

  • “The original Rock Band suffered from a chronic delay, as did the sequel”

    Pardon me if I’m wrong… but Rock band 2 never came to Australia at all, did it? Not that it bothered me none, I just imported them from the UK. But yeah, this is good to hear.

    “Personally, The Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News is going to be on serious rotation at my house – what about you guys?”

    Shit yeah!

    • Correct, RB2 never was officially released in Australia. Could be fun for the track import…

      I imported mine from the UK, and brought another copy back from New Zealand for a mate a while back.

      However, we did get Beatles, Green Day and Lego RB on time.

      Also, the manager of my local GAME (a fellow RB nut) claims we aren’t getting any instruments – not even the keyboards…

  • I’d rather stick my DS stylus up through my nose and into my brain than have to hear Power Of Love again, but I’m really looking forward to RB3 and very happy to hear it is coming on time.

  • So we’re definitely getting the instruments too? Because there were rumors flying around earlier in the week that they’d been canned for Australia.

    With the dollar just shy of parity with the US I’m tempted to import the controllers regardless. Even paying for courier shipping, import peripherals cost about 30% less than buying from EB.

    • I want the 102-button guitar, but there’s no way I’m paying the local price.

      I’ve actually got the RSS feed from so I’ll know when they’re available – shipping from the UK is cheaper than the US (too many size restrictions).

      We should organise some kind of Kotaku shipping posse to save money.

  • Where did you get that US release info from Mark? Everywhere I’ve looked says October 26th?

    Kotaku US even ran a story earlier today (about free Doors DLC) that opens with “Rock Band 3 launches on October 26”.

    Rock Band 2 didn’t suffer from a “chronic delay” over here, it just plain died. Unless they plan on releasing AFTER RB3…

    • Dunno if you saw my last post from yesterday’s topic, but if the RBN doesn’t end up working for us in RB3, there is a solution. With a combination of a new US gamertag and I was able to buy a few songs off the RBN last night, then play them with my Australian gamertag and PAL RB2.

  • Just quickly, if anyone is hoping to get the instruments locally, I recently called up EB and was informed it’s special order only, so if you want them anytime near the games release you need to put a preorder down. Stores won’t be stocking the pro-instruments alongside the game.

  • So my collection will look like…

    Rock Band
    Rock Band 3
    Rock Band : AC/DC
    Rock Band : The Beatles
    Rock Band : Green Day
    Rock Band : LEGO

    Something seems like it’s missing though… hmmm…

  • You can import the instruments from Amazon US, tis only $25US postage, so it’s much much cheaper than the rediculous cost from EB. Also, if you want RB2 import it from the UK if you can find it, that’s what I did.

    • Might want to just double check the whole Amazon importing process.

      Usually they don’t allow international shipping on the instruments. But apparently the ‘upscale’ guitars are actually counted as instruments, so you can get them imported.

      Not 100%, but figured I’d put that out there.

      • I use in those instances. More shipping to pay but normally still beats the AU price, especially because the additional shipping charges are in USD… Quite fast two considering they relay shipping.

  • After the RB2 fiasco, it will be nice to get the drop on the rest of the planet for a change!

    And after so many years of not picking up a real guitar, that Pro Mode sounds very tempting…

  • Looking forward to Paramore, Slipknot, Queens of the Stone Age. Just got my Ion drum kit last week, so really just looking forward to it all! Kinda getting over RB2 a touch, need more songs.

    Will probably get the ‘pro’ guitar imported at some stage.

  • Strange that Rock Band 2 was never released in Australia. We’ve had it here in New Zealand for quite a while now, and they have the Australian PG rating on the front of the case. Most shops seem to have a reasonable amount of stock left as well.

  • “The official Australian street date for Rock Band 3 is October 28. Some Aussie retail sites have the date down as October 21 (as does wikipedia) but that’s actually the shipping date. The official on-sale is precisely a week later.”
    Wait, I’m confused, will the game be ready to pick up on the 21st or the 28th.

      • Hmm, I think this whole thing may be wrong.
        Especially the part about RB3 going on sale on the first week of November in America. That would mean that the free The Door’s 3 pack would have expired before it even became available. I know for a fact that American retailers already have RB3 software and instruments, because some merchandise has been accidentally shipped to some peoples homes early.
        I have a preorder at EB Games, which says the 21st… I might be able to go after school and ask them about it.

  • Hot diggity! I’m really looking forward to it – mainly because I just got my hands on a US copy of RB2 and discovered it wasn’t compatible with my exported RB1 songs… D’ooohhhhh…. Sad Panda. But RB3 is going to result in melted faces. Ooh yeah!

  • I’d be psyched for this if my arms didn’t die from drumming; blasted self-diagnosed RSI/CTS 🙁 Also my pedal-ing knee goes a bit wonky after a while too. I’m falling apart! D: (But prolly just bad technique and old age *gasps* STFU LOGIC!)

    I joined the official forums when RB2 was in the wings and they were going on about local content, so, giddy about getting local bands I liked in, I blogged a bunch of Aussie bands throughout the ages and from a variety of genres + my faves and then….nothing. Pretty pissed! In a childish grudge I never imported it from the UK (or NZ it seems).

    I did get the Beatles kit but coz of my dodge arms I hardly played it; so disappoint [with myself]. Got whatever GH that had The Bronx in it, too, and that was pretty much all I played off that one.

    Is it wrong that I’m psyched for Kinect and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, so I can get fit from a video game to play more video games? I think I’m doing it wrong…

    And that is my sordid affair with Rock Band of little interest to anyone but me. YAY INTERNET!

  • Hey MRBs where are you importing your instruments from in the US? I would love a set of new drums. EB is charging $290.
    I love Rockband, I imported Rockband 2 from the UK. I just need to find some more mates to play it with. My wife had fun for a bit, but then got bored of it. I really liked the Beatles Rockband. They keytar looks fun, but pretty unchallenging, playing a keyboard one handed Pleassssseeeeee.

  • Just to the guys looking for instruments, amazon have them on pre order and they are far, far cheaper (shipped) than buying local. Shame on EB for charging so much. $290 vs $180 shipped for the pro…

  • Im addicted, can’t wait for the Pro Rockband 3, then hopefully I will be able to play my real guitar that I have had for over 20years, i already go off on 1,2 Beatles,Lego, looking forward to being a groovy granny.

  • Where are people going to import instruments from? Even the expansion pack for drums would be fine! Far, far too expensive from EB and the AUD is looking amazing for importers at the moment!

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