Rock Band 3's Pro Guitar Mode Is Lefty-Compatible

Ever since we previewed Rock Band 3's Pro Guitar mode, readers have been asking if lefties can play this mode. They can.

Yes, we can. Here is the official word, via Rock Band makers Harmonix in a statement e-mailed to Kotaku:

With regards to gameplay, lefty flip for the Pro guitar will worklike any other controller. Just select 'lefty flip' in your menu, turn your guitar around and get back to rocking. Pro gameplay on screen will adjust accordingly, just as traditional Rock Band gameplay has in the past.

Pro Guitar mode requires special stringed or partially-stringed Rock Band 3 guitars and lets users try to play the game in a manner that more closely resembles the fingerwork needed to play real guitar.

Mad Catz, makers of the 102-button and six-stringed "pro guitar" launching for Rock Band 3 this fall, independently confirmed to Kotaku that their guitar supports a lefty flip. We're less clear on whether the undated and fully-stringed (no buttons on the neck) Squier Stratocaster can be played in lefty mode, but Harmonix has yet to tell us otherwise.

Standard Rock Band guitars aren't compatible with Rock Band 3's Pro Guitar mode for people of any handedness. Players with only those guitars will be able to play the game's standard guitar mode in either orientation.


    According to ebgames the Pro guitar is going to be.. AUD$288!

    I guess I will be importing...

      VS US$150 at Amazon

    Are we still zero news on when the Squier will be made available? It seems really silly to launch this "evolution" of the music genre without the main instrument that the all the hardcores are hanging out for.
    It's also pretty disappointing to see no compatibility lists for electronic drum kits so far (we've been promised them...).

    On the bright side, the new quickplay interface is worth the price tag alone. Even when you fail a song now you can just click "continue" and finish without getting a score.

    Here's hoping my local store will break release date on the 21st instead of waiting till actual launch =)

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