Rock Band Street Date Broken

EB Games are now selling copies of Rock Band 3, days before the game's official release date of October 28.

Speaking to a staff member at our local JB Hi-fi, apparently confusion over the game's street date was the problem.

"We weren't really given a date," claimed the staff member, "so we just started selling them when they came in."

There are still issues with instrument stock, our local store has the Keyboard peripheral, but no Pro guitars.

"We don't have any Pro guitars," he said. "Some stores have them, but if you want the stringed guitars you should probably look into importing them - that's what I'm going to do."

It's interesting to note, however, that JB Hi-fi (our local store at least) is continuing to stick to the street date regardless, despite having the game in stock.

We asked EA for comment - they were aware of situation, and are considering it "a soft launch."


    I'm getting a US copy so I've got to wait until sometime next week. Ah well. Fallout New Vegas calls!

      I'm waiting for mine from the UK, but I'm gonna take advantage of the 7 day full refund policy of EB. That way I can get the 3 free doors songs, and have RB3 for the Melbourne Cup public holiday ^_^

    Once of my year 6 school children was playing Fable 3 on Friday. I didn't believe him so he brought in the cover and booklet yesterday. I don't have a camera on my phone :-(

    Out today anyway right?

      Yep, JB just rang me to tell me to collect it.

    Even better than this, GAME was selling the game yesterday. I have a fair suspicion that Gametraders was being sneaky and released the game on Monday.

    Wait a minute! Problems with the Rock Band franchise in Australia? SURELY NOT.

    They were acutally selling it yesterday. I played it until my arms and foot were sore!(playing drums). It's pretty awsome so far, although it will be much better when my new drums and keyboard arrive from the US.

      Where did you get the drums from? I tried Amazon, but they won't ship the drums overseas...

        ordered the drums and keyboard from Barnes and noble

    Picked up my copy+keyboard last night. AWE. SOME.

    Picked mine up from EB yesterday and played it last night - it is awesome. Apart from the usual Harmonix quality they have added so many little features in the interface that make it a joy to navigate. Playlist creation, song preferences, working leaderboards and the ability to continue a song from the point you failed at are a godsend.

    Hey guys,

    Does anyone know anywhere that is selling the MIDI adaptor? The one that lets you plug a real keyobard/midi drumset into the game?

    Since I already own a real keyboard, it feels a bit silly to buy a fake plastic one


      If you are willing to import you can try Barnes & Noble in the US. The exchange rate is good - I got my keyboard from there cheaper than EB locally by $25 including shipping.

      Regarding the Midi adapter: EBgames pulled it from their online store so no ones really sure if they're even getting them. Amazon have them listed as late November, I haven't seen them any sooner. I'll be importing from Amazon, but it really sucks that I have to wait (waste of money getting a plastic one in the interim).

        But Amazon's not shipping the MIDI adaptor to Australia, correct? A shame, since it's the only store I can find that actually has it listed. :-/

    Gad dammit... seriously game overload at the moment. Picked up Fallout, which is leaching my life away, then scored Fable 3 last night, and now RB3 is out!

    Can anyone who's got this already tell me if this one can use the 2nd cymbal on the guitar hero drums at all?

    I always find the Rock Band drum parts more fun than the Guitar Hero drums and was hoping that maybe they've extended it to use the extra cymbal since they've done extra tracking for the Pro Drums anyway.

      Extra cymbal works as an additional green pad. It makes a cymbal noise instead of a drum noise when hit though (cool!).

    Fable iii Is available now also

    Fable 3 was supposed to come out today. The bundles are not being released properly here, very limited release and I am pretty sure the stringed guitars are not coming. On another note, Sims 3 date has just been broken too, anyone rushing in for that one? Its got some DLC....

    I'm a little concerned with the info given... Its interesting that Australia is getting the Pro guitars this far in advance of the states (aren't they not getting them until mid Nov?).
    As for the stringed guitar... I wasn't aware a release date was announced... how does that staff member expect to import one?

    Someone please correct me if I'm on the wrong track here =(

      "if you want the stringed guitars you should probably look into importing them – that’s what I’m going to do."

      If you read what he said closely, you'll notice he said "that's what I'm GOING to do". I.e. future tense :) So I guess he'll import one once they're available.

        I had to laugh at an EB employee suggesting I import!

          Most people who work at EB are gamers after all.
          I had one guy chatting about how Dungeon Crawl had PS3 controllers way cheaper than his price while his manager watched (dumbfounded).

        If you live in Australia, you'd be crazy NOT to import the instruments. I got the wireless keyboard from Amazon (inlcuding courier shipping which only took 3 days) for about $40 cheaper than what EB games are currently selling it for.

        You'll save even more when it comes to the Pro Guitar and Drum sets...the Australian prices are bordering on extortion!

    I ordered my Keyboard and Game from the UK all for $140 AUD including shipping.
    so none of this 140 for keyboard + 100 for game
    for me.

      Do you mind me asking where you ordered yours from the UK?

    RB2 Song Exporting:

    Early reports are saying that you can use the 20song code in the back of the RB2 manual to access download the RB2 catalog from XBL.

    Currently 14 songs are missing from the install including Spoonman, Visions, Give It Away and Battery :(

    Expect official instruction once goes live again.

      There aren't enough characters to fit the 20-song code on the back of the PAL manual.

        There's lots of misinformation about how to export Rock Band 2 songs to Rock Band 3 on Xbox 360.  But here is how to do it.

        Note: I imported Rock Band 2 from the UK, but bought Rock Band 1 & Rock Band 3 locally in Australia.

        At the end of my post are the links I used to piece together the process, but ignore the manual image shown in the article - the last page of my Rock Band 2 manual looks nothing like it.

        The last page in my RB2 manual has a black background with all white writing, and has a 25 digit code (five sets of five digits, separated by dashes).

        The manual page itself says you can use the code to download free bonus tracks or something like that.  If you haven't already, use the Xbox system menu "Redeem Code" function to get a free download pack of 20 songs (in the Xbox menu, not in RB3).  Use all 25 digits including the dashes (from memory).  The songs are rubbish, but free is free.

        Now that that is done, start up RB3 and go to the "Get More Songs" then "Redeem Code" (yes now we're using the RB3 one, not the Xbox one).

        Type in there the first 16 digits of the 25 digit code excluding all dashes (ie. ignore the dashes).

        My 25 digit code uses capital letters, so I think when I put in the first 16 digits I also used capital letters.

        You are then asked to pay 800 Microsoft Points for a RB2 export license.  Pay for that and then the RB2 export pack will start downloading. It's 1.93GB so make sure you have enough room and are prepared to be downloading for over an hour.

        Once down, the songs should now be playable in RB3, except about 14 of them.

        About 10 of those are songs made by bands who have Harmonix team members in them.  They will/are be available for download as a separate but free DLC pack (there's actually an Xbox achievement for beating 3 songs made by Harmonix team members). (I haven't checked if they are available yet).

        The other approx. 4 that are lost in the process (licensing issues).


    I got my Rock Band 3 pro drum set from the states (Barnes and Noble) yesterday!

    I have watched Gizmodo review of the keyboard and it looks far too easy! I only played keyboard at high school for a year, but this keyboard pro looks so easy. also there are not that many keyboard songs to justify it as a purchase yet. Any one loving the keyboards?

    Thanks for letting us know about this. Rushed out to grab a copy as soon as I read it. Loving every second of Rock Band 3 thus far.

    So... when's Rock Band 2 coming out in Australia?

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