Salman Rushdie's New Book Takes A Cue From Video Games

Controversial author (and former pop star) Salman Rushdie has just released a new children's book, and interestingly considering the author, it's got a strong foundation in video games.

Luka and the Fire, a sequel of sorts to a children's book the man formerly known as Cat Stevens penned in 1990, seems a classic adventurer's tale of magic, gods, talking animals and a heroic quest.

Its primary influence isn't in classic literature, mythology or film, however; it's in video games, Rushdie telling the Associated Press that the "classical quest format" of video games "mixes well" with the other fantastical elements of the book.

Why base a book on games? Well, aside from the fact Rushdie is actually quite a fan of the medium, he wrote the book for his 13 year-old son.

I wish my dad had written a book for me when I was 13. It would have been called Star Wars vs Dune vs Wing Commander: Quest for SPACE.



    And where does the 'classical quest format' of video games come from? The classical quest narrative found in the earliest recorded works of literature...


      True :)

      Perhaps he means a strict set of rules in the 'gameworld', with 'levels' and 'bosses' - although when you think about it many classic works of literature had exactly the same things.

      At any rate, this will be far less controversial than Rushdie's other books. Hopefully.

        Nah, I'm sure it'll end up being the target of a fatwa from one fanboy faction or another.

    Salman Rushdie and Cat Stevens are two totally different people. Cat Stevens changed his name to Yusuf Islam in the 70's, Salman Rushdie has always been Salman Rushdie.

    Ouroboros !

    Former pop star? Formerly known as Cat Stevens?

    Wow, journalism!

      Is it April fools?

    bahaha, I did a complete WTF? scrolling past this and looked up Rushdie on Wikipedia searching for this pop star past. The Cat Stevens mixup didn't even occur to me.

    Yeah dude, check your facts first...

    Hmm, interesting, I'll defeinitely give this a look, one of his previous books, Haroun and the Sea of Stories is an incredible piece of allegorical children's literature.

    Plus we're talking about a guy who wrote an entire book about the lives of the Gods of rock 'n' roll except that they were actually on an alternate reality version of our Earth. A John Lennon/Elvis Presley analogue born in India and his muse/lover/band's vocalist, a Diana Ross/Janis Joplin equivalent who moved to India from a tormented childhood in the U.S. change the world with their incredible music and their legendary love. Weird book, weird weird book.

      i read one of his kids books - interesting reading, way out there for 'high brow' literature. but good.

    See, I just assumed that it was a sequel to a Yusuf Islam (or whatever he's calling himself now) book, written by Salman Rushdie. Which is weird enough, I suppose.

      don't be a dick just because he's muslim - he's been yusuf islam for about 2 decades now.

    I often confuse Prince with J. K. Rowling.

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