Scott Pilgrim Gets DLC In November

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game will get its first downloadable content extension early next month, delivering two bonus game modes and a new playable character: Knives Chau.

The two bonus game modes are Battle Royal and Dodgeball. Dodgeball involves hitting your opponent with a large beachball, by throwing it, kicking it, or running into it. It's the only way to do damage in this mode. Battle Royal functions a lot like the pro wrestling term; players are on a platform, off the platform are various useful weapons. Go off the platform for more than 10 seconds, though, and you lose.

Knives Chau, in the main game, is the support character for all the other players. So who's her support character? Her mum, who wears a trackie and bitches out the bad guys. Good goin' Mrs. Chau!

Play Dodgeball With Knives [IGN, thanks ice_man]


    Ooooh, I didn't expect this to get any DLC. Looking forward to a few extra things in the game, lol.

    Nah-uh, they ain't tricking me into more of this junk, already wasted $16 on the original game, only to have the Anamanaguchi OST released separately the week after. If they had SAID that would be available a week later, I'd have just waited and bought that, instead I wasted cash on this pile of hipster mediocrity.

      The game itself was pretty solid (except for level 6 crashing every so often) and was pretty good fun. On top of that, it was common knowledge that the OST was being released shortly afterwards. You've only got yourself to blame.

    "...its first downloadable content extension..."

    Is there more planned?

      I seriously doubt it. The content included in the DLC was completed by the time the game was released, and there is a spot in the list of characters for one additional character (which will be filled by Knives), which this DLC caters for.

      On top of that, the team that worked on the game has been disbanded, I believe. Development was a bit of a mess (which is why the credits is a mile long), so I think Ubisoft would be happy to wipe their hands clean of it after this DLC pack.

        I thought so. I read on one of the lead artists' blogs that apart from Knives they hadn't created any other material for the game, so I was surprised to see about the other game modes.

        BTW, any Anamanaguchi fans might want to check out Dragoon785's videos on Youtube, he has managed to record Chiptune and Band only versions of two of the best tracks in the game (Another Winter & Leave the Past Behind :)

        So I guess that means they won't be patching it for online play? Major bummer :(

          Maybe. I've seen some Xbox games get a title update when DLC drops to add support for said DLC, and occasionally they'll sneak some bug fixes and patches in there as well.

          Odds are low for online play unfortunately (since it wasn't really planned from the start, implementation of a feature that wasn't in there will cost them $, and Scott Pilgrim isn't a huge title), but hopefully they'll fix the some of the crashes, as well as the crappy bug that locks you out of having the 'use all strikers with everyone' cheevo pop. It's the last one I need, dagnammit!

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