Scribblenauts' Developer Shoots Out New Game

5th Cell, the developer behind innovative titles like Drawn to Life and Scribblenauts, has revealed its upcoming title. The game is called Hybrid, and it's a post-apocalyptic third-person shooter.

While there might be a glut of third-person shooters, 5th Cell promises to give players "a completely new gameplay experience never seen before in the genre".

The game seems to centre around two rival factions called "Paladin" and "Variant". On Hybrid's official site, journal entries shed light on the game's plot.

"Always weird to see actual humans...," the Paladin entry reads. "They look at you, glassy eyed like they don't know what you're going to do to 'em. We just passed them by. Our Captain is pretty sure we've recruited all the able-bodied survivors in this city. Now it's just a matter of kicking the Variants out..."

The Variant journal entry questions having pity for a human. "They had a chance to stop this conflict," it continues, "spare the innocent lives they so haughtily claim to protect."

The game is a departure for 5th Cell, and the trailer looks like a 180 from the studio's previous Nintendo DS titles.

Hybrid will hit Xbox Live Arcade in 2011, making this 5th Cell's first console games. Its previous titles were for the Nintendo DS, mobile phones or the PC. More info on the game's official site.


    Why do kotaku vidoes always show as Video not available. and yes I use ie8, bring on the anti IE stance, instead of being helpful :-)

      Well to be fair you could just try it in Mozilla and if it works then load the vid pages in Mozilla and otherwise use IE

        sure I could, but I actually will just stop using Kotaku. And doesn't deal with the fact the videos should work cross browser,especually since they are actually embeeded flash.

        But I wasn't surprised to get "use another browser" response.

      Maybe because IE is the problem? Try Firefox or Chrome and if it works then you will know people were trying to be helpful.

      It is a bit irritating, I feel your pain :)

      I pretty much just keep youtube up these days when browsing kotaku or gizmodo, most of the time the same videos can be found.
      I could switch browsers, but that would just offend my fragile microsoft fanboy sensibilities ;)
      I also figure that whatever the problem is, someone will get to fixing it eventually...

    "making this 5th Cell’s first console games"

    5th Cell already made a drawn to life game for the wii. Yes, the wii is in fact a console.

    Can't say I really care for this game, it looks extremely generic and kinda lame.

    Also 5th Cell's titles have all been pretty lackluster and for the most part have been extremely gimmicky.

      I do find it funny how I just knew the idiots would say "use another browser", they totally and utterly miss the point. Not sure what's revenue stream is, but I bet they are loosing some due to people seeing the broken videos, and just going elsewhere.

      there's no reason, apart from laziness or stupidity to not fix the vidoes, especially since viddler vidoes can work everywhere with little effort.

      And of course, there is no feedback from the editors even acknowledging the issue.

        Hey guys, we're not having any problems on any of the browsers we're using - but if anyone has any issues, just shoot me an email at [email protected] with as much detail as possible - what browser you're using, what videos aren't working, etc - and we'll try and sort it out.

          to ick start it, check out the comments in these articles

          I can send some screen shots later.

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