SEGA Channels Conduit 2 Into February

High Voltage Software and Sega jumped Wii first-person shooter Conduit 2 out of the way of GoldenEye: 007 last month. Now the game has landed firmly in February of 2011. Will the new trailer entice players to pick it up?

Getting out of the way of GoldenEye: 007 was a wise move on Sega's part, and Classic Controller support being added in the interim is a boon to players. Now Sega and High Voltage nail down a February 2011 release date for the second game in the Conduit series, giving Wii owners three months to get James Bond out of their systems.

It looks like a lovely little FPS for the Wii, but then I thought the same thing about the first one and wasn't impressed with the final product. Will High Voltage deliver on the promise of a much better game with Conduit 2? We'll find out in February. Until then, enjoy the new trailer.

New Conduit 2 Trailer and Release Date! [Sega Blogs]


    I'm sorry, but when you said "Classic controller support" was that for Golden Eye or Conduit 2? I already know Golden Eye does but if Conduit 2 does then WOOT!

    I think I'd rather GCN controller support than Classic Controller. My experience with it as a "real" controller mainly comes from trying to use it with Brawl, which didn't seem to work that well. That left control stick just isn't in a usable position.

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