Sega Doesn't Want Sub-par Sonic Games On Shelves Anymore

With Sonic Colors coming later this year and actually looking pretty damn good, Sega's top men say they want to get Sonic the Hedgehog's recent misfires off store shelves, part of an effort to "increase the value of the brand."

Jurgen Post, Sega senior vice president of Europe, Middle East and Africa, tells MCV that the publisher-developer has "de-listed" any Sonic the Hedgehog game "with an average Metacritic" score. Potentially, that means coolly received Sonic games like Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Riders.

"We could make a lot of money on back-catalogue Sonic titles," Post says, "but let's keep the number of Sonic games available under control. Otherwise you can have cannibalisation. If there are ten Sonic games on the shelves, with people seeing Sonic Rush DS or Sonic Rush Adventure, this may not help our overall strategy."

By the end of the year, Sonic fans will be treated to at least three new games starring Sega's well worn mascot, with Sonic Free Riders coming to Kinect, Sonic Colors coming to Wii and Nintendo DS and Sonic the Hedgehog 4 coming to just about everything.

Sub-standard Sonics de-listed [MCV]


    So does that mean a shop will sell me unleashed super cheap?

    Just as I promised myself I wouldn't get excited over a sonic game again... Damn sonic cycle.

    The only way to increase the brand value is to remove it from sega

    They'll become collectors items!!!! I own none of them at the moment, time to go find some pre-owned goodness! :)

    "with people seeing Sonic Rush DS or Sonic Rush Adventure this may not help our overall strategy."

    Derp, aren't they the only 2 'not utter shit' sonic games on the shelves?

      Pretty much. But Sonic Colours DS appears to pretty much be Sonic Rush 3 in spirit (and, in some cases, in art assets), and the difference between Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure in title can be confusing to casual gamers.

      About 60% of Sonic Unleashed was actually pretty solid though. Funnily enough, 60% matches up exactly with the amount of time you spent playing as plain ol' Sonic, rather than that poor-excuse-for-a-God-of-War-ripoff that is the Werehog. ^^

    It might help their case if they stopped putting shitty Sonic games on shelves in the first place.

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