The Sexiest Fallout: New Vegas Collector's Edition Unboxing You'll See

You've seen the Fallout: New Vegas Collector's Edition. You've seen its contents. But you've never seen it unboxed quite like this. This potentially NSFW video may change the way you open boxes forever.

My fiancée has already told me that this is the wardrobe I'll be wearing for the next unboxing video she helps me film, only I'll be wearing black socks, because I'm a naughty boy. This guy makes the whole overweight, balding, breathless and slightly clueless shtick look effortless. I assure you when I do it it will take absolutely no effort on my part.

Hope this helps get that whole Sasha Grey thing out of everyone's system! You can thank Felix for passing this along.


    Just remember that the PC Retail verison will not unlock on steam until tomorrow as it uses Steamworks.. seriously flawed Australia launch whoever the hell decided to have it released on the 21st in stores and not have owners of the game been able to play it until the 22nd! ...Steam and publishers need a good kick in the butt for that one ...btw the game is release to North America ONLY yesterday!!!

      I'm not sure how it stands with regards to the TOS of Steam, but I am aware that people have used proxies to activate their Fallout 3 Early.

        Speaking of, uh, not which, anyone know the exact time is it officially unlocked in Australia? So I can turn Steam's offline mode off...

      Uh, it came out on the 19th in America so it's actually already unlocked on steam...

        it just to released in here ... it was North American only the 19th ...22nd was rest of the world

        Or you can just buy it from Steam USA and get it unlocked when its released in the US STeam :)


    2 best parts:

    "oh and here we have some fallout pogs..."


    "and a deck of playing cards so that if the game sucks you can play solatary afterwards, at least i will because i have no friends - solataré, if you will.."

      Not forgetting;
      "It looks 'Where's Waldo?' but, like, 'Where's Waldo in The Apocalypse'."

      I'd so totally buy that 'Where's Wally' book.

        Yeah, i second that.

        Would be great if they hid wally amongst Manchester United fans too.
        All that red and white!

        You'd find him as he'd be the only one being punched in the face "for wearin' dem poxy glasses, innit"

    holy crap STEAM RELEAED!!! Australia can play

    "Its definately not collectors edition plastic"

    Theres a video game in there?!

    This is the single greatest unboxing video I have ever read

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