She's A Bad Mamma Jamma

It's day 10 in the McGuire household, Kevin Butler is getting into the peanut butter, and not even vuvuzelas can stop the family's matron from being one bad mamma jamma in Tiger Woods 11.

Kotaku reader No Computers In Texas points us towards this latest feat of Kevin Butlery, as Sony's vice president of family showdowns adds the phrase "She's a bad mamma jamma" to the gamer vernacular. While most of the clip is entertaining enough, the final shot of Butler needs to be swiped and re-used at the end of any video showing a female doing something even remotely impressive.

Seriously. Do this now.


    Ha ha... I'm like what is a Bad Mama Jama? According to the urban dictionary this:

    A woman who is built and stacked, has curves in all the right places, has perfect body measurements in every dimension, a perfect figure, extremly beautiful, sassy, classy, foxy, and heavenly. Basically, a perfect woman. Refer to the song "She's A Bad Mama Jama". By Carl Carlton
    You can hear the song on Youtube. This is not Carl Carlton dancing, it's some karaoke dude, but the singing is Carl Carlton:

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