Signs Point To NBA Jam On Disc

GameFly has listed NBA Jam's PS3 and 360 version for release on November 18, and while that's most likely a placeholder date, the fact a rental service listing the game indicates it will be a retail disc release, not a download.

EA Sports has yet to confirm its intentions for NBA Jam on PS3 or 360; it was originally to have been a free download with a one-use code shipping in NBA Elite 11, which was indefinitely postponed on September 27. That version would have come without the game's "Remix Tour Mode".

Since the delay's announcement, however, the game's creative director has said EA Sports is "trying to throw it all in there" and deliver a release with most, if not all of the content in the Wii version, which released on October 5. That, plus high-definition graphics and online multiplayer, would seem to justify a $US50 or $US60 price tag on something originally intended to be free.

It was recently revealed by the winning, bidder on an authentic copy of NBA Elite 11 whose NBA Jam download code still worked, that loading screens tipped off plans to offer Remix Tour as downloadable content later on.

Kotaku has contacted a representative of EA Sports Vancouver for comment. If any is given, it will be updated here.

NBA Jam [Gamefly via Geoff Hathaway]


    Good to know it's on disc so in a year it will be bargain basement prices. We all know DLC prices are VERY slow to move to bargain status if at all! Good luck trying to recover from NBA Elites downfall and trying to charge full price for this.

    Ha! Seems all the anger over them forcing nostalgic gamers to buy NBA Elite 2011 to get it made them realize they might as well just split the two!

    An idea a MORON could have realized in the EARLY days!

    No need to look for 'signs' -- it is explicitly spelled out by EA already!

    Specifically states there that NBA Jam will be "shipped" as a standalone product for the PS3 and X360.

    So by inference, we can expect more from a standalone product than just the barebones demo-like product we were set to receive at the onset.


    Price should drop fairly swiftly too.

    As much as i want this game, i wouldn't pay full RRP for it...

    Damn... Well, that loses them one customer then (sure it won't hurt them too much though...sigh). But, as Yogal said, it's bound to be in the bargain bin within a year!

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