Photographers Struggling To Snap Good Photos Of Nintendo 3DS

The 3DS may be one of the most impressive pieces of gaming hardware ever promised, but it also may be the least photogenic. The glasses-free 3D graphics just don't show well unless you see them in person.

Normal cameras, even the ones wielded by professional photographers at this week's big Nintendo conference in Japan, reduce 3DS upper-screen graphics to a blurry mess. Don't blame the Associated Press photographer who took these shots. Blame the laws of optics. (Note the Professor Layton game does not run 3D on its top screen in the photo taken.)

No wonder Nintendo has been trying to get people to try the system for themselves at press events. It will be important for Nintendo to do the same on a grand scale for the public when the 3DS launches early next year.


    thumbstick is quite the eyesore. Glad its there though.

      It used to look a bit nicer when the colour matched the unit. It definitely is a nice addition though.

    Maybe very short videos turned in to a .gif files would work better? Although that won't help printed media only online media. Then again if you are going to that trouble might as well just make a video.

    Please let it come out all black like pictures 1 to 3.

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