Sleep With This Voice Actress’s Pillow Cover

Sleep With This Voice Actress’s Pillow Cover

In Japan, Rie Tanaka (Phantasy Star Portable, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3) is such a popular voice actress that last year she got her own trading cards. This year, she’s getting her own hug pillow cover. Progress!

Hug pillows are called “dakimakura” with “daki” referring to “hug” and “makura” meaning “pillow”. Dakimakura covers typically show anime-type characters. The Rie Tanaka dakimakura shows a realistic image of Tanaka nestled, asleep. She says she was surprised by the idea to do a pillow cover.

Besides voice acting and singing, Tanaka also releases photobooks in Japan.

グッズって情報皆さんキャッチしてます⁇初の抱きまくら … [Twitter via Live de Rie via はちま起稿][Pic]

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