So, You Do More Than Play Games On Your Console

Game consoles! We used to just play games on them, but in this 21st century of the future, it seems plenty of you are now watching movies and TV shows on them as well.

Ever since the PlayStation 2 doubled as many people's first DVD player, the amount of non-gaming media consumed on consoles has increased year-by-year, to the point where modern services like Netflix's streaming network are many people's first choice when it comes to purchasing/renting movies.

But just how many people are using their consoles for this sort of stuff? Research shows that 21 per cent of console owners between the ages of 13 and 54 use it at least once a month to watch a movie or TV show on. Breaking it down a little more, 31 per cent of those between the ages of 13 and 31 use it for these purposes at least once a month.

Checks out to me. I must use my PlayStation 3 for watching movies (whether streaming or on disc) almost daily, which is more than I use it to play games on.

Game Consoles Used to Watch Video by Over 20% of Consumers - Report [IndustryGamers]


    Me, 90% on games. No online gaming, just DLCs and purchases mainly because I play Danmaku.

    Has that 360 got RROD? :P

    I also use my 360 as a DVD player. Only wish I could record free to air TV onto the hard drive.

    I use my Wii to check the weather. Haha, and sometimes to browse the Internet. I can't go on my computer while I'm on my exercise bike but I can watch my TV while I'm doing it =)

    I use the PS3 to stream videos from a media server (PS3 Media Server) on my Mac. Occasionally use either the 360 or PS3 to rent movies, depending on what's available on each platform. Once I get an Apple TV it'll replace the consoles for movie renting.
    My PS3 is also my main DVD/BR player.

    Downloaded TV goes on to a USB stick. Less hassle than streaming or burning to disc.

    i'd like to see stats per console on gaming vs other.
    my xbox would be 95% games, 5% other, but my ps3 would be 100% other

    PS3 is the best media box EVER!

    I have 3 of them about the house with 2 of them being dedicated to streaming media...

    Such a smooth and easy to use UI even my GF can use it...

    I have PlayTV, so I use it for media daily. In fact, I'd say for my console it's a 65/35 split games/media from my personal use, probably higher media use by my housemates

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