Some Awesome Vanquish Entries!

Hey guys, you still have until the end of today to get your Vanquish entries in, but I thought I'd post a couple of entries just for the hell of it! We'll be announcing the winners by the end of the week!

Enjoy! And these are just some of the entries we've had. I'll post all of them on Friday after we've announced the winner. Thanks for all of the entries, it's been a blast watching them all.

Adam Grabda

Troy 'Chuloopa' Cleary

Emma Koch

Corey Lee

Matthew Phillips

Mark Pankanin


    There i am, acting like a twit as usual. lol

    Funny thing is i wanted to be playing the Vanquish demo but poor little Bee was stone cold REFUSING to be a part of it, eventually she reluctantly agreed to be the person playing the game. It was her first time playing a shooter and she started to pick it up after 15 minutes but still constantly told me that "using two stick is effing stupid" - seeing as she is only used to games like crash bandicoot.

    Also, you should all be proud of me as i didn't cross dress for this one.

    As for the other entries:

    Corey - Dude.. you dog looks seriously unhappy. Possible because you've got it wearing skin from a cat? :P

    Emma - Your drawing skill makes me envious and angry simultaniously for my own short-comings. Very nice.

    Matt/Ambrose - Saw yours the other day actually and both Bee and i almost literally cacked ourselves laughing when we saw "chuloopa's gun shop". I'm one step closer to be an internet meme!

    Adam - Ouch. I've done something similar, but into a rose bush.

    Well done guys - i can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with. :D

      Oh, and yeah, my signs didn't work as well as i hoped..

      First one says "Hellloo - anyone home?"
      ..or something like that..

      Second said " Will Sex 4 Attention"... yeah it's no wonder she didn't pay any attention.

      My wife also plays games, but won't play shooters for that exact same reason! Two analogue sticks are STUPID!

      Again - great job everyone.

        But aiming with two analogue sticks is totally stupid!
        (Read: I cannot aim for beans on my PS3 controller, and it is easier blaming the controller than it is to make my thumbs more sensitive to movement.)
        Seriously, I know it's a bit of a petty thing, but I just can't do it.

      His face always looks like that. And he's only wearing a coat because my gf and I shaved off all his body hair earlier that day.

    They are awesome! I have no freaking idea how I even missed this comp??? I didn't even know a comp was on! *sadface*

    They were all ace, but as loops said, Emma, you have made me extremely jealous, those skills are to die for, terrific job!!

    Loops, I was hoping for you to at least strip off and dance a little, could have sealed the deal you know!

      *reads last line*
      *imagines scenario in head*
      Aaaaaaarghjhkhfgsdkgasfkgsdf, CANNOT UNSEE (well, unimagine, really).

      Great entries, though!

      (oh god, cannot unsee...)

        You know, maybe you should stop imagining me naked then.. all soapy.. lips full and pouty.. back arched...

        You know you're the only thing making yourself imagine such a thing, so really, what does that say about you?

        *raises sexy eyebrow*

    Small query on the comp... since the comp was announced, I've been capped at home so there goes my uploading! Work also bans youtube, so I can even see the ones above.

    Would it be entirely possible, to provide a link of something that is mine, but uploaded by someone else?

    Man I love Coldplay. And that is some awesome skills you have there Emma.

    Those were all pretty terribad...except for the picture of the lesbians.

    Got my entry in last night... Quite possibly the strangest thing I've ever made. Can't wait till the winners are announced!

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