Someone Claims To Have A Retail Disc Of NBA Elite 11

NBA Elite 11 was indefinitely postponed on Monday, a week before its commercial release. I didn't receive any disc pre-release (for review), but conceivably they might exist somewhere in the wild. One allegedly just sold on eBay for $US255.

eBayer tgarreth is not a fly-by-nighter. He's a top-rated seller on the online auction service (an 1866 feedback score). That has to count for something. tgarreth said it did not have a case ("does come in a slim case") but does have an instruction booklet. If so, it's got an Online Pass code with it. I'd be curious what redeeming that does.

"This was an accident to get....but a good one, lol!" says tgarreth. Who knows. If he held onto it longer - this game might be cancelled outright, and then what's it worth? But it could be released soon, and then it's worth nothing. Tough call.

Operation Sports forum member bigball12 claims to be the winning bidder, beating 28 other bids.

NBA Elite 11 PlayStation 3 [eBay via Operation Sports]


    I can't beleive anyone would pay that much money for such a terrible game!

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