Sonic 4 Release Details Revealed

Sonic 4 Release Details Revealed
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Episode One of SEGA’s latest attempt to bring Sonic back into our hearts will drop early-mid October, depending on what platform you intend to use to save furry little animals from their robotic prisons.

Sonic 4 is an attempt to get back to the old 2D, fast-paced platforming days. Back to when you could almost feel like you were speed-running a level on your first time playing it. But after several 3D screw-ups, SEGA has some convincing to do.

[imgclear] Those forgiving enough to give the once-proud hedgehog another chance can download him on the following dates:

Xbox Live Arcade (1200 Microsoft Points) on October 13th

PlayStation Network ($19.95) on October 12.

Nintendo WiiWare (1500 Wii Points) on October 11.

The game will also be available on the app store in “early October”, for an unspecified price.

At these prices, SEGA might be asking for a bit of faith. What do you think? Will you be giving it another go, or is this a “wait and see”?


  • I want to know how many ‘zones’ you get before I lay out any money. If it’s less than five or six I’ll just stick to Mega Collection + on PS2.

    • If the early leaked version of the game is any indication, you’ll get 4 Zones with 3 Acts each.

      Odds are that this hasn’t changed from the earlier version until now, especially since most of the information released to the public since then is Sega trying to tell people how they’ve supposedly fixed all the issues of that previous build.

  • Well, I’m on a bit of a Sonic kick after playing some Sonic Adventure on the PS3 at the weekend. But $20? For one episode? I might buy it from the States if they have it at a lower cost but most likely, I’ll wait for the episode bundle.

  • Oh wow that soon? I just finished Sonic Adventure XBLA and I am in a real Sonic mood. That game was brilliant. I don’t understand why reviewers scorned it, its only an XBLA game and it was cheaper at 800 points.

  • I want to get it for PS3 because the dpad is in a better position for platformers, but I’d like to demo it first to make sure it’s worth it and the PSN doesn’t always have demos. So I might wait a day and try the demo from Xbox Live and if it’s any good I’ll buy it for PS3.

    Don’t screw up this time Sonic!

  • There’s only so many times you can be crapped upon before you realise that standing underneath a crapping ass is not a fantastic idea.

  • $20 is okay if they intend to sell the subsequent episodes at a lower price. If they expect me to shell out $20 every time they release a few more levels then no dice.

  • I’ll get the demo at least. At 1200 points it’s a bit much, especially seeing as I have 400 points and you can’t buy point cards that are less than 2100. May just get 800 points through Live.

    In any case I was expecting less. I am a Sonic fan though (hell, I even liked some of the recent games, including Heroes and Unleashed) so I’ll probably buy it regardless.

    And I also would like XBLA versions of JSR and Crazy Taxi. Which makes me wonder if Crazy Taxi 3 is BC…

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