Sony: We've Sold* More Than A Million PlayStation Moves

Sony's motion controller add-on for the PlayStation 3 has been out for a little more than a month in North America. How's the PlayStation Move doing, according to Sony? Oh, spectacularly, of course!

Sony Computer Entertainment America says it has shipped - *meaning sold to retailers, not necessarily to consumers - "over one million units" of the Move in the first 30 days of availability in North America and Latin America. Sony calls that "rapid adoption" indicative of "widespread consumer interest" in owning more wireless motion control wands.

SCEA CEO Jack Tretton calls retail demand "incredibly strong" in the official announcement, also telling Reuters that "demand is easily outstripping supply".

Doing some window shopping online, it appears that PlayStation Move is well-stocked at most retailers (GameStop,, Target), with others (Walmart, Best Buy) seemingly short on supply of individual Move units.

We're inquired with Sony about specific sell through numbers to actual consumers. In the meantime, Kotaku readers in the retail trenches, we'd love to hear your take on Move sales at your place of employment.


    Why does Sony set it itself up for failure like this? They did the same thing with the PS3 at launch, where they quoted how many PS3's they had shipped to retailers (which was quite a large amount) but when the offical figure of actual units sold to consumers - it was almost less then a 1/4 of the units shipped.

    Willing to bet the same with the move, as i know people who are "interested" in it but will not buy it until it drops in price and half decent games come out to support the hardware. Taking a stab in the dark and saying that the Move has sold 180,000 in NA.

      They will probably be waiting awhile... they are controllers, they generally won't change in price. The DualShock RRP hasn't changed since launch (although it was just a SIXAXIS back then).

      I've had a read through a few online forums and it really doesn't seem to be doing all that bad, I think they are closer to that million than you actually think.

        You are right about the price drop - i wouldn't expect it to drop for a very long time, if at all - that is just what my friends are saying (but i know they will pick up the move when a couple of decent titles support the move).

        Also in regards to sales - i think that in the launch month they would have only sold 180,000-200,000 in the US but i think once the chirstmas season is over it could reach anywhere between 700,000-1.5 million in the US alone.

      You're absolutely spot on. Just goes to show that the Sony name will sell anything to retailers.

    Every time I see "shipped" figures, I remember that Casey Donovan girl who won Australian Idol, and she got a platinum record or whatever from ARIA for ten bajillion CDs shipped (because of the Australian Idol hype)... but ended up selling, like, three.

    I think I see the reason why they are going for the shipped figure. By now, everyone who has wanted motion controls already has a Wii. Thus, why pay for an accessory that makes the PS3 (effectively) a Wii emulator?

      So, by your logic, the PS3 and 360 are both (effectively) NES emulators because they both use control pads as controllers.

      Interesting theory, but one I'll have to respectfully disagree with - there's more to a console than just its controller.

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