Spectator Mode: DogFighter

If Team Fortress 2 had an air supremacy mode, Dogfighter would be it.

It really baffles me why this game isn't more popular. It's got a great look, fantastically responsive controls, a simple premise - Mario Kart meets the Red Baron in a fight to the death - and right now you can buy the game on Steam for a ridiculous $US1.50.

That's what you'll pay for some rubbish iPhone game, only in this case you're getting a full-featured PC combat game, with both multiplayer and singleplayer modes, and some of the wailingiest guitar riffs you'll hear this side of Aces High.


    I'm planning on picking this up this week. I conveniently have $2 in my steam wallet from the pre-order saving on the ball.

    Although I might wait to see if anything in the THQ sale takes my fancy and get them together.

    bought it. love it.

    bought it and it's fun, but i can't connect to servers. no error or anything, just stays connecting forever. waiting on 3 hours for a steam forum approval so i can try to get it sorted

    think the server issue has been sorted WOOT!

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