Spend Xbox Live Money, Make Xbox Live Money

For the rest of October, if you spend a certain amount of Microsoft Points on Xbox Live stuff, you'll be given points in return, which you can then spend on more stuff.

Specifically, if you spend 2400 points on anything - be it games, downloadable content or a helmet for your avatar - you'll get 800 points dumped back into your account.

The catch? It won't be dumped straight away; you'll have to wait until the end of November for the points to magically appear. Oh, and the deal won't be running in Italy or France.


    Also, is this for a single transaction, or a cumulative spend?

    From Xbox.com:

    Purchase at least 2400 Microsoft Points worth of Xbox LIVE Arcade and/or Game add-on content between 12:01 A.M. Eastern Standard Time (EST) October 1 and 11:59 pm EST October 31, 2010 and receive 800 Microsoft Points added automatically to your membership. Limit one gift per person. The free points will be deposited automatically into your Xbox LIVE account after the end of the promotion period. Please allow four weeks for delivery, on or around November 30, 2010.

    Offer available Worldwide in all Xbox LIVE countries, excluding Japan and Italy while supplies last,"

      Just noticed the "while supplies last" bit.

      How the hell do they run out of virtual points?!

    The last sentence says that it's not running in Italy or France, implying that all other regions are fair game (which includes Australia).

    Obviously it's total amount spent. There's maybe one or two things on the marketplace at 2400 or more points.

    Also, any reduced content (Deal of the Week or otherwise) doesn't count towards the total spent.

    well that means i need some more microsoft points- where the cheapest retailers?

      I believe Harvey Norman has 3000 points for $44 ^_^

    Do you only get points back if you spend 2400 points and over, or can I spend 1000 points and get a small amount of points back?

      It looks like you have to spend the whole 2400 (in one go or in bits and pieces) and in return you get a whole 800 at some vague point in the future. If you're lucky.

    Hmmm, already picked up hydrophobia this month, might be worth my time to find another arcade title worth getting.

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