Spider-Man Comes In Four Flavours In MvC3

Spider-Man fans will have their choice of costumes in Marvel vs Capcom 3, the fighting game that ditches palette swaps for "new costume colour variants". Selections from Spider-Man's MvC3 wardrobe were on display at today's New York Comic-Con.

Old Web Head will fight in at least four different costumes in Marvel vs Capcom 3, including his original red and blue duds, his black costume, the Iron Spider get up and the [I'm going to need some help with this one]outfit. Anyone recognise that last one?

We've already seen one other costume variation for Deadpool - borrowing a colour scheme from DC's Deathstroke - but we're really interested to see what other characters get this level of treatment.

Like, seriously, what's MODOK's alt costume?


    The last one is one that's only just (like this last week, I think) debuted in Amazing Spider-Man. It'll last like 4 months, or until they make it into an action figure.

    Yea thats the new spider-man costume there going to use in the new spider-man Big Time stories.

    I'm at a loss with the final costume change, could be just a MvC3 exclusive? A costume that ties in with the games story line.

    Normally I'd say "Venom suit or die." ...but that green one is pimp as hell.

    The last one is a new one which hasn't actually appeared in comics yet. It'll be part of the upcoming "Big Time" banner.

    That would be "Big Time" Spider-man in the black and green. From the new story-arc following One More Day.

    Awesome! And I'm fairly sure the last one is new... never seen it before in my life.

    That last one is weird. It looks like some sort of cyber-spider maybe? Even digging through costume archives can't seem to bring up anything close to this costume. Maybe Capcom were given some information about a new costume that's yet to debut in the comics?

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