Splatterhouse Soundtrack Features Goatwhore And Friends

Splatterhouse Soundtrack Features Goatwhore And Friends

If bands like 5 Finger Death Punch, WolfShirt, and Goatwhore get your motor running, then you’ll love the soundtrack to Splatterhouse. If not, just look at the new screens and be quiet.

The only metal band featured on the soundtrack for Namco Bandai’s Splatterhouse that I am even remotely familiar with is Lamb of God, and that’s only because I was DJing one night and someone requested them. I’m certain I’ve heard the name Goatwhore before, but I don’t believe it was in a musical context.

So yes, I’m pretty much clueless here. The press release assures us that the soundtrack “fits perfectly with the game’s brutal gameplay and over-the-top gore.” Maybe if you look through the gallery and look up Goatwhore on YouTube it will all make sense.

Splatterhouse is coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 23.

· The Accused – “Pounding Nails”
· ASG – “Dream Song”
· Cavalera Conspiracy – “Must Kill”
· 5 Finger Death Punch – “Dying Breed”
· Goatwhore – “Apocalyptic Havok”
· The Haunted – “Hollow Ground”
· High On Fire – “Fire, Flood & Plague”
· Invisible Enemies – “Dead Eyes”
· Lamb of God – “Walk With Me in Hell”
· Mastodon – “Blood and Thunder”
· Municipal Waste – “Rigorous Vengeance”
· Mutant Supremacy – “Morbid Dismemberment”
· Terrorizer – “Dead Shall Rise”
· WolfShirt – “Headlong Into Monsters”


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