Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II's Least Worthwhile Level

I was harsh, you might think too harsh, about the Dagobah level in my review of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.

I said it added nothing, that there was no gameplay, no significant plot points, nothing but a slick looking cut-scene wrapped in two minutes of walking.

That can't be true, right? See for yourself as you watch the entire level unfold before you, mostly spoiler free, in this video. This is "playing" the level on the hardest, Unleashed, setting. Not that it makes any difference.

I can't remind you enough, this is the ENTIRE level and one of only four locations in the game.



    You must of through that Shadow of the Colossus was the worst game ever made, because every single "level" begins with a 5-10 minute horse ride with "no game play, no significant plot points"

      It's "must have" people. Not "of", HAVE"!.

      Your reasoning is as silly as your grammar. The entire level is only a few minutes long, not just a few minutes with no action. Mr Serrels doesn't seem to be critisising the lack of gameplay so much as the fact that Dagobah is one of only 4 locales in the game, yet is so dissapointingly short.

        Oops, Mr Crecente I mean.

        I've played that level. It's 'here! have some holocrons!' followed by 'here! have a cutscene!' followed by 'you must leave Dagobah now!'

        It's spelt "criticising" and "disappointing". Oh, and the last time I checked, full stops don't follow exclamation marks.

        Don't pick on someone's grammar without checking your spelling first.

          At least his grammar was correct. "Must of" is, in all cases, inexcusable. Inixcusable? Ineksusibal? Enichsuhzabol?

            Thiz thred iz ful ov wynn! oar fale. wun ov tha too.

    You all fail as much as those who made this pointless excuse for a level.

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