Steam Down On Monday: Stock Up On Provisions

Better make sure you've got a good book and some chores to work on come Monday morning, because Steam will be down for approximately four hours.

Valve say that "some" Steam services will be offline during the scheduled server maintenance, but when those services are in-game matchmaking, in-game lobbies, downloading stuff from the Steam store, buying stuff from the Steam store and the Steam community, it should really say "most".

In fact the only thing it seems you will be able to do, luckily, is play games that won't need Steam for online play.

The downtime is scheduled to take place at 4am on Monday, 11 October (9pm AEDST), and is estimated to run until around 8am (1am AEDST).


    Book? Or, Minecraft!

    It would appear that Steam Cloud services are still functional through the downtime. So that's something.

    I've got a long weekend.

    poor australia!

    I know what I'll be doing for 4 hours

    Oh no. 4 am to 8 am. Woe is me. :P

    Well, in that case I'm just lucky the last update completely pood up my copy of Steam, preventing me from opening it until I reinstall it.

    Minecraft it is then...

    I suggest you check your times again, 4am US Pacific time is 9pm AEST (10pm AEDST).

    Thus the downtime is 9pm - 1 am AEST (10pm - 2am AEDST)

    So, most of us will be at work anyway. And if you're not, I see Magnum P.I is back on TV again, NICE.

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