Stuffing A Wii Remote Into A Baby Looks As Awful As It Sounds

I maintain this isn't a "real" game. I think somebody, somewhere was taking the piss until publisher Majesco actually took the bait, is actually releasing it, and now it's all gotten a little awkward.

Babysitting Mama is a babysitting game for the Wii, where you cram a Wii Remote inside a baby babysitting stuff. You'd hope that meant tell it lecherous stories, let it stay up after 10 and eat chocolate cookies for dinner, but sadly, it just means...whatever is on this trailer.

That Wii Remote cramming sequence is going to give me nightmares.

It'll be out next month on the Wii.


    "Use the nunchuck to play all the fun minigames too!"

    Did she just feed the baby cyanide or something?

    That is the most horrifying thing i have ever seen in my life.

    My eyes burn, I do not like my eyes burning.

    There's as good an argument for the existence of the uncanny valley as any...

    Ok so I got to have a look at this *wonderful* game while it was still in development stages and trust me you'd much prefer to put the controller in the baby the way its done in the video than the way they had it at the time. It was done exactly the way you're thinking and was weird as hell.

    @tourney5 uuuuuhr! Really?!??

      Yeah really :(

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