Sunday Comics Deathmatch: The Newcomers

Last week we mentioned that Sunday Comics would be getting a redesign in the coming weeks. You're already voting on which ones we should keep. Now we want to hear which new ones are worth adding.

From your comments - more than 500 - we've assembled 13 candidates worthy of your consideration. Below you will see galleries of three recent strips for each webcomic. After the galleries, you will see a ballot. Check the names of the new webcomics you think should be included in Kotaku's revised Sunday Comics. You may vote for as many as you like. Voting for these features will end Oct. 30, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. U.S. Mountain Time. By all means, bring your friends, family and domesticated pets to vote on this, via Facebook or Twitter. We really want to see a strong voter turnout here.

Inclusion in the Sunday Comics remake will depend on more than just voting. We must get the creators' permission to republish their strips (we'll be contacting the winners after voting ends). We've also yet to establish the final feature count. We're going to look at how many strips generate an enthusiastic response, and we reserve the right to exercise final editorial judgment. But rest assured, readership voting will weigh heavily in our decision.

Thanks for your well considered feedback. Now get voting!


Another Video Game Webcomic

Awkward Zombie

Brawl In The Family

Corpse Run



Gamers Inn

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

No Cash Value

Optical Overload

Sunday Smash

Sure To Be Banned

Which New Comics Should Appear In Kotaku Sunday Comics?Market Research


    Not that the Americans will see this, but the brawl in the family comic is wrong (and completely fails at representing the comic).

      True, but posting boobs instead got Brawl in the Family 15% of the vote.

        It would appear that the problem is just on our end. On the American page, it has an actual BitF comic.

        In that case, NOTE TO KOTAKU AUSTRALIA: Fix the picture.

    I'm a fan of Awkward Zombie, although she doesn't update that regularly.

    Manly Guys is one of the best comics in a while.

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