Super Meat Boy Celebrates Christmas Tomorrow With Launch Sale

Delivering another "Eff you!" to the Man, this time to His accepted-as-norm pricing schemes, Super Meat Boy's creators have revealed that they'll launch their arcade platformer already on sale, then raise the price of the Xbox Live Arcade game later.

It might just be crazy enough to work. See, Team Meat's plan is to drop the original 1200 Microsoft Points price point to just 800 MSP at launch, slashing a cool five bucks from the cost of owning Super Meat Boy at launch. If you're sick of the $US15 price of your XBLA games, this early Christmas gift is for you.

Super Meat Boy arrives on XBLA on October 20.

A Gift to the fans! [Team Meat]


    Woke up at 9 this morning to play it on my day off, still not available yet :( Any idea when XBLA games usually come on sale on the day of release? This is the first one I would've gotten at launch.

      Generally they are available around 8 or 9pm (AEST), although you have to browse for them, since they seem to take a while to appear in new releases.

      There's been a couple of times that I've been waiting for stuff in the past week (Alan Wake episode, Sonic 4 demo) and neither was available till about 10pm on the day of release.

      Don't know if that's always the case, but it could suck for you if it is :(

    in AUS it'll hit about 10pm tonight... maybe a lil earlier...

    Needs more PC release.

    That's a good idea as people like me who would not have bought it for 1200 will definitely get it at 800

    Team Meat, please have all of my moneyz, you deserve them =)

    But seriously, I had 1200 points set aside like a month ago waiting for this game to come out, and now it's releasing cheaper! Too bad I have to dedicate my gaming night to Guitar Hero practice =(

    Totally worth it.
    It's one of those games where you start playing it, and then suddenly it's 4 am.

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