Super Meat Boy's Meaty '80s Commercial

This never before seen, by me, trailer for Super Meat Boy is a take on the 1980s-style video game commercials we really should see more of these days.

Push the buttons! Look out! Jump up!

The game hits the Xbox Live Arcade later this month and the PC, Mac and Wii in November.


    Pretty cool, the crappy 80s quality was just annoying though, made it pointless having gameplay footage.

      Kids these days... can't play a game unless it has UBER COOL GRAFIX

      Art Direction over graphics any day

        Disregard this. You were talking about the quality of the vid itself, my bad.

          Sorry, I probably could've been a little clearer!

    Not so subtle references to the Atari Jaguar and Bad Dudes in there.

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