Super Metroid Soundtrack: Megadrive Remix

I'm sure plenty of us spent many an hour on the playground, inches away from full-on fisticuffs, debating the relative merits of the Sega Megadrive and the Super Nintendo. But here the two can finally co-exist, through the medium of song.

Back in the 16-bit days the sound of game music was very specific to each console, as a result of the different sound chips used in the hardware, but what Geckoyamori has done is rework famous game soundtracks using the elements of different sound chips.

Put simply - you can hear what Super Metroid would have sounded like had it been on the Sega Megadrive instead of the Super Nintendo.

Listening is a bit of a weird experience - like the reverse nostalgia from some parallel universe, where we all have ears for noses and it rains doughnuts.

Well worth a listen.

We *heart* the YM2612 - The Arrangements of Geckoyamori [via Neogaf]


    It sounds... better I think.

    Hmm, I wonder now what the Secret of Mana soundtrack would sound like on the Megadrive.

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