Super Street Fighter IV 3DS Has Special Move Hotkeys

Street Fighter IV for the iPhone mapped your special moves to a single button. Super Street Fighter IV 3D for the Nintendo 3DS simplifies things even further.

Rather than a single button for your focus or special moves, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition gives you four panels on the touchscreen of the 3DS to play with. There you'll be able to assign up to four moves and combos, activating them with a touch of your finger.

This is apparently what producer Yoshinori Ono meant when he told Kotaku, "We are going to support them by providing an interface on the touchpad so they can play not knowing how the game used to be played", at GamesCom earlier this year.

It almost seems too easy, though I doubt the big-name console players will begrudge 3DS owners their training wheels.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition [Capcom Japan via Capcom Unity]


    I dunno, there was something similar to this in BlazBlue (you could map special moves to the analogue stick) and it worked fine IMO. Newbies could do the combo's easier, but pro's were still rewarded, as using the stick made it harder to link the combo's together

    ... the controls on the 3ds' gonna be bad for special commands, isn't it?...

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