Survival Of The Fittest Erotic Game Company

Over the past eight years, so much has changed. So much hasn't. The sun still rises, for example. That's the same. But erotic game brand-wise, much has changed.

Fuelled by the success of Osaka-based developers Leaf and Key, a large number of new eroge companies debuted in the early 21st century.

As website Canned Dogs points out, of all the Japanese adult computer game brands in 2002, only 20 per cent of them still remain. Some of them went under, some of them were absorbed by larger companies and some are simply on hiatus.

Most businesses in general don't do much better, let alone niche products like eroge.

8年前に処女作を発売したエロゲブランドの生存率 [spring efemeral via Canned Dogs]


    Can I get a 'hells yeah!' anyone?

    I will stand up and admit it

    As an armature game maker I have been tempted to start my own erotic games company to pull in some extra money and be allowed to have electricity and running water. Its actually harder than you think making an erotic game and still keeping your dedication to gameplay and story. Not to mention i think it may be illegal to do that sort of thing in Australia.

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