Taito: Maker Of Games, Builder Of ROBOTS!

During the 1980s, game company Namco started making awesome robots. Robots! But Namco was not alone.

Space Invaders developer Taito took the know-how it attained from the arcade business and funnelled that into building its own bots. In 1983, Taito created a walking, talking bot named "Yumemaru" as well as a guitar-playing robot.

Yumemaru was controlled by a remote-controlled joystick and moved about on wheels (however, his legs appeared to be walking). It could even apparently hold a basic conversation!

Since Taito has become a part of Square Enix, the company seems to have left its robot-building days behind it.

TAITO's Retro Promo Robos (1983) [Plastic Pals]


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