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Talk Amongst Yourselves

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  • Hey guys and gals! I’m Back!

    …what??… you didn’t notice i was gone… oh…

    Well either way, i actually haven’t been on here for over a week now.. holy crap..

    Unfortunately my much beloved grandmother passed away last Tuesday morning, after an undiscovered cancer in her head ruptured the previous Wednesday… We had her funeral on Friday – so needless to say it’s been a really hard week and a half for the whole family. She was an absolutely amazing person loved by all. It didn’t really hit me until Friday at her funeral where i starting to fall to pieces a bit, since up until then i was mostly looking out for dad and helping him out with pretty much everything – he’s taken it hardest of all…
    Anyway, i got up and gave a little speech at the spur of the moment when the minister asked if anyone wanted to do so, and being the only one that hadn’t prepared something, i stumbled around a bit but i think i would have made both nan and dad proud.

    Anyway, things will be ok, of course, but i will miss the old girl.. she was alright for a pom.

    So, how’s everyone else been?? 😛

    In the good news, i’ve been buying up games to make myself feel better, and my partner has graciously been allowing me to blow my budget, even though i’m not going too far over lol

    Picked up about ten-ish new games on my XBOX for around $30 all up.. the ones i can remember off the top of my head are Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and whatever the other one is subtitled (lol), Tony hawk 4 and underground, amped, ssx on tour, Crash Bandicoot: wrath of cortex (for the lady), midtown madness 3… then there’s a few others i can’t remember.
    Also scored infinate undiscovery on 360 for a measly $10 at game.
    I have a feeling theres others too but my brain isn’t functioning yet..

    Oh, and Kotaku is working at work again.. YAY! 😀

    • Oh dear. I figured something must’ve been wrong if Chuloopa didn’t post for a week. Also, Qumulys hasn’t posted for a while, is he ok?

      I’m really sorry for your loss, my grandfather passed away not too long ago as well, so I know how you feel. My deepest sympathies to you mate.

      • Thanks mate 🙂 Yeah it’s not fun at all. I lived with her for a couple of years too which makes it that little bit harder, especially seeing her house so bare now when she had the walls COVERED in pictures ofthe family.

        As for our old mate Q-bo, he really isn’t well at all. From his last posts he has a cyst in his back which has come back to cause him all manner of strife, including uncontrolable spasms and the such, meaning he can’t even type himself or play games.
        apparently he was meant to be seeing a surgeon to see what could be done, so hopefully they can mend the old boy up. I can’t imagine how hard this would be on his little ones, too.

        Q-bo seems to be a really ace guy, and i really do wish him and his family all the best. Get well soon, cyber-buddy… that sounded kinda sexy didn’t it? Cyber-buddy.. reow! 🙂

        • Hey Loopy mate 🙂 I had noticed your absence on here and am really sorry for your loss buddy. 🙁 But its great to see your back.
          I am actually typing this myself today 😀 Its taking me ages to do though. They have found my cyst is to dangerous to operate on again (risks too high) so they are trialling me on some new meds to combat the hunka-hunka-mac-shakes. They are helping me cope much better, but I still have a long ways to go. I am on a waiting list to be sent back to the spinal ward so I can be monitored while they ramp up these new tablets as hallucinations can be a side affect! weeeeeeeeee!
          I will try and post at least once or twice a day on here now that I’m semi-normal 🙂 Thanks for the kind thoughts and words everyone!

          • Glad to hear you’re still sluggin along there, buddy!

            Careful of those hallucinations, though – Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy!

    • Funny how you think you’re okay until it hits you all at once (happened to me at my grandmother’s funeral earlier this year). Sorry for your loss.

    • Yeah mate sorry to hear that. I got your message on live so thanks for the update. Good to see you back.

      I posted on last weeks thread, Duke Nukem 3D on the App store is free atm… just FYI.

      • thanks mate.

        As for Duke Nukem being free, as awesome as that is, it probably means i need to own an apple product of some description lol

        I’m one of those anti-apple sons-of-guns you see floating about. i’m sure they’re great and all.. but they are also sooo overpriced i just don’t even consider buying them regardless of function.

        Cheers for the heads up though 🙂

        Hopefully i’ll have some time to join you for some Dead Rising 2 soon though.

        • you still a silver member or do you only get gold when you get good online games? But SOOOO keen for some co op DR2 its not funny.

          • haha yeah i tend to stick to silver until there is something i actually want to jump online with.. i’m not much of an online gamer, as much as i enjoy it when i do.

            I just don’t see the point in spending the money on something i rarely use.. i do have a 48 hour pass ready to go though 😛

            Plus i can get time from whenever i feel like it.

            Have you played the competitive DR2 modes yet? Are they any good, if so?

          • I actually enjoy them. They are basic but interesting and fun. They actually fit really well with the overall game and you can use in game cash in you single player game. There was a point in the story where I needed $100,000 so I saved my game, played 2 games online and then wen back to the single player game.

            I think we will play mostly co-op but yeah the online is good for a bit of fun. If you hosted the game with friends only it would be great…

          • Man i really want to just go home and play right now.. haha

            I haven’t even had a chance to play the bloody single player yet, although i have managed to finish case 0 100% with the A ending and all achievements 🙂

            Hopefully i’ll get some time with it tonight..

          • I got A and F ending… and all 200gs. I only have 220 gs for the full game and I only have the last boss to get through.. does not give them up easy.

            There is an achievement for killing 72,000 zombies. I have nearly finished the game and only have about 3500 under my belt!!!! I am keen for that one if you are. I hope you have a bunch of those 48 hour cards handy!!!!

          • yeah on my first playthrough i got the F ending due to running away after i bought zombrex without actually picking it up… duh… Then when i went to give Katie her dose, of course i didn’t have it…

      • haha, i don’t think anyone is going to argue with you, let alone take offence.
        Truth is that the world is going to shit, but all you can do is smile and slug on.

        Kotaku and gaming in general are a real life saver 😛

          • Be a spy… wear a suit.

            Suits are awesome.

            Also… whilst you were away we got a new editor.
            He’s a Scotsman (yay)
            He’s a ginger (yay)
            He barracks for the Glasgow Rangers (not yay)

          • hmmmm a spy you say… i always have been partial to a good suit… but i’ve never really heard of a spy staging a coup..

            oh and hello to the new editor and welcome aboard! i <3 Simon Pegg, so you're already awesome for looking like him!

          • My dear boy… allow me to introduce you to the most manly man in all of Russia:

            Prime Minister (once President) Vladimir Putin

            Ex KGB, Ex FSB, Judo black belt… and second only to Mathew McConoghey in total time spent without a shirt on.

    • Meh.. i’m kinda used to this now…

      This would be a lot easier for the Kotaku team to moderate, anyway. This way we have the benifit of a much cleaner comment area devoid of spam and (some) trolls.

      Plus it means never having to deal with signitures that are 2 pages long and 56 people with avatars that feature Master Chief.

    • The American version of the site lets people create tags which they can talk under. It’s not a great system, but it’s there.

      On the other hand, there are several fan forums out there. I personally go to, which is run by a disgruntled Brit. Most of the people don’t actually go to Kotaku anymore (the July 5th Kotakulypse largely involved the people there), but it’s still not a bad place to congregate. There’s also an IRC channel and Steam group.

      Something official would be nice, but it isn’t hard for people to set something unofficial if they like, or join one of the existing ones.

  • Has anyone seen any feedback on the MoH competition from the lucky 12 people who got to play test it last week in Sydney?

  • Everyone played the latest Team Fortress 2 update yet?

    With the new Left 4 Dead 1/2 DLC coming on Thursday, it’s going to be a valve-tastic week! Now if only they’d give us some info on Episode 3…

    • I get the feeling Valve have created a machine that absorbs people’s disappointment and converts it into raw energy which Gabe Newell, and Chet Falz…whatshisname and other people gorge on for nutrition and sustenance.

      E3, 2010: Valve surprise announcement!
      omgomgomg HL3/Ep3 omgomgomgomg
      Gabe says: Portal 2 (and Steamworks) on PS3. Woo.
      *And on that day, anyone who was hanging out for Half Life 3 /2: Episode 3, had the most innocent part of their souls die away: hope. They will never again feel any excitement for upcoming game release announcements, for Gabe Newell ate it with a slice of marinated turkey breast wedged between two slices of bread at E3, 2010.*

    • Shame for him, meh for me?

      I mean it sucks when people work that hard not to get in, but then others clearly worked harder so they deserve their placing???

      Isn’t this the point of heats. There are no free rides and everyone has to perform…

  • Wow loops, you really brighten the discussion up. Already at 41 comments, (42 if you include this), and last week came to a grand total of 47!

    • whats more impressive is i brighten things up with news of death! now THAT is a feat in itself haha

      I had a look back through most of last weeks news and thought to myself “where are all the damn comments?”

      Then i remembered that usually the majority of comments on any subject normally spawn from my… i talk a lot of crap like that i guess.. lol

      • I had intended to pick up the slack from lack of loops comments last week, but then I ended up having one of my busiest weeks so far this year :0 Always the way though. Hopefully my life will settle itself down in a few weeks when I finish moving in to my new place! So looking forward to that! Leadup is a bitch, but will be totally worth it in the end!

          • Moving about 15mins away from where I am now. Just got new phone point for modem installed yesterday, and cat5 cables through the house for network, and also new tv antennae connections for several rooms. Get my new big ass desk on Saturday which I have to assemble, but then it’s just really a matter of waiting til the move date. Movers booked for 23rd, so will be a busy day. Between now and then I have my birthday too, so it’s gonna be a crazy few weeks I think. Thankfully all the tough work on the house is done for now though. Just little stuff to go like hanging curtains and crap. I just wanna get in so I can install all my equipment in it’s new house! GOt a heap of new shit to install, but can’t do it til I move!!!

  • Ok so the vid was posted yesterday for the Assassins Creed Brotherhood multiplayer. I gotta say, it’s damn cool looking. I liek the fact that you can’t just got killing willy-nilly, and you have to find your mark all the while avoiding whoever has you marked.

    Now i haven’t got this on pre-order, nor have i finish AC1 or even started AC2, but i’ll be very interested in watching how this game goes after launch and seeing what everyone says – it looks like it could be hell of a lot of fun!

    Also, The Witcher Directors Cut/Special Edition/whatever-it’s-called has just been released as part of those “best of” games thingies on PC. For anyone who hasn’t played it yet this means you can pick it up for a measly $19. I’m still yet to pick the game up, and i’ll probbaly be getting it from simply because it comes with extra stuff for the extra $10, but still i thought the PC rpgers amongst us might be very interested by this.

    Also, with the re-launch of you can now pick up Planescape Torment for $10us and a great selection of games at half price!

    Enjoy, ladies and gents!

    • Yeah, brotherhood is looking pretty sweet. Shame I couldn’t get into the beta, I would’ve loved to try it out. Ah wells. That’s the price you pay for being cheap and importing for something like half the RRP. But it’s all good. It’s coming out next month. And holidays start next month. Sweeeeeet.

      • Yeah, but lets face it – when it comes to paying practically half the price or getting early access to certain features, i think i’d take the cheaper option any day

        • YES!

          I’m excited. I have a friend who works at EB, and after I posted my reply, I decided to call him up. And he gave me a beta key. Sweeeeet =] Downloading now! Damned homework, gotta get through that stuff first…

    • So I just watched the AC:B multiplayer video.
      A thought: Does it have lasting power?
      I don’t think it will.
      Now I don’t know what a developer would consider a “successful” foray into multiplayer (I hear Bioshock 2’s sort of… flopped), but with the retail shelf life of games, I’m going to guess it’s probably a fair few months; you know, when all the pre-release and release hype of the game has died down, and you have a decent number of people still sticking with it even though newer games have come out.
      From experience, most FPS series with big online (CoD, Bad Company, UT, L4D, other stuff I am missing), Starcraft, whatever else offer fast and frantic gameplay, that keep you busy and rushing for the next objective. Not once have I ever been able to coerce my friends into a 4-hr match of, say, Sins of a Solar Empire. Slow gameplay just doesn’t seem to have the same mass-appeal.
      Now I like the Brotherhood multiplayer concept; that of cat and mouse, cautiously and silently stalking your prey (I also like stealth games, mind you), but I’m not sure people are going to stick with it. The gameplay trailer shows the player being smart about his game, walking along the street, looking over his shoulder every now and then, trying not to make sudden movements, but there were a bunch of other players seemingly running through the streets or climbing along rooftops for no reason, which is exactly what you’re not supposed to be doing. Might as well carry around a neon sign going “I AM TRYING TO ASSASSINATE SOMEONE”. I might be reading too much into it, but they’re getting impatient and running around like twits and generally are doing it all wrong. The smart, slow-paced careful gameplay of multiplayer is wasted on people who just want to go around stabbing people and/or climb around the place.

      • Yes, but on the plus side this sort of gameplay may act to weed out the ADD masses as they all get bored and head back to their MW2. Sure it may not last forever, but what you will get looks like it could be some real fun. The best part is that the people you talk about will fare horribly, alowing people like myself whom are mentally and physically retarded in FPS’s to have a crack at beating the daylights out of people.

        What could be more satisfying than slowly creeping behind a bunny-hopping ass-hat as slitting his throat??? …You know.. apart from doing it in a game…


        • Yeah, but I’m afraid that it then runs the risk of not having enough servers (or whatever) running. It’s kind of like trying to find a decent game in Left 4 Dead 1 (before The Sacrifice update), good games were far and few between, albeit, for different reasons.

          • Try Shadowrun.

            It’s an awesome game, but there’s next to noone playing it, which means the game is essentially unplayable (it’s a multiplayer only title).

          • haha tell me about it!

            I bought shadowrun for $2 at the GAME sale a while back.. it’s still ok with bots, but no where near as good as what it could be with actual people

          • Didn’t that also have cross-platform play across 360 and PC? 2 Platforms and still so few players… that’s kind of sad.

  • Big day out gold coast tickets on sale tomorrow! w00t! Here’s hoping I can nab some tickets in the 3 mins it’ll take to sell out! Please please please please please let me go see Iggy and the Stooges!!! *prays hard*

    • Screw Iggy!!!

      This year is all about RAMMSTEIN!!!

      I’ll be paying the $155 to see them alone!… Tool and Iggy are just small bonuses!

      • 🙁 poo poo poo.. Damn slwo work computer combined with overworked server means it was sold out before i could even get the bloody page open 🙁 *waaaaaahhh* I’m gonna sulk all day now :0

        • They’ll probably announce a second show for that then too… so i wouldn’t worry too much.

          Melbourne round is going to suck for me too.. here’s hoping i can score a couple of tickets…

  • Hey guys, L4D2 is only $7.16 or $USD 6.79 on steam atm. And even though it’s censored, I’d say that’s pretty good value.

    • The original L4D was one of my favorite team FPS’s. I bought L4D2 for $12 at the game sale a while ago but still haven’t installed it.. i’m too scared that the censoring might just ruin everything for me… 🙁

    • The ants? Happily (Have you ever tasted those honey ants or whatever they are? They’re not bad (Or, at least, 8 year old me thought so)). The tarantula? No. Not because it’s weird and creepy (well, that is one factor), but because I’d end up with the huntsmen that are around my house staring mournfully at me as I eat their foreign brethren. And those huntsmen terrify me, I swear some of them could eat my guinea pigs.

  • With the Australian dollar surging to over 98 US cents today, I thought it would be an appropriate to once more rant about the cost of games in Australia.

    Example: Force Unleashed 2 Collectors Edition.
    AU price: AU$108
    US price: US$80
    Both from EB Games / Gamestop.

    Why the need for 35% on the price?

    And I’m well aware of the potential for importing games from UK etc for lower prices, but we really shouldn’t have to resort to that.d

    • I think this has been answered before in an ask me stuff but i totally agree.

      We should make this the sole mission of Mike when he arrives to investigate.(I know its Mark but someone else called him Mike so I think we go with that!) As a passionate community member, shouldn’t we have had the ability to name our own editor?

        • Thought is was you. You are quite for a week and then just drop the ball… poor form mate! lol.

          But lets keep this Mike thing going, it will be out own in joke that like 3 people get but we think is crazy funny…*psychopathic clown laugh*

    • Well, there is the fact that exchange rate changes a bit. But I definitely agree. The prices need to come down. The current prcing model seem to be based off the old exchange rate, where a Australian dollar was 50c US or 40pence. It’s ridiculous. And annoying. And frustrating.

      • Exactly. Back when it was US 50c to the AU dollar, the pricing was fine. But the exchange rate has changed and the pricing model hasn’t…

        • Yeah, but is there any incentive for change? Such a ridiculously inflated price would suggest someone is making a better profit.

          • Given the arbitrary price being set (and the fact that discounters/retail stores can drop it so quickly) this looks spot on. I’m not sure if it’s the retailer, the distributor or the publisher… but there’s some huge profit gauging going on somewhere.

            Mark/Mike (as our Kotaku slave, obviously) should use his powers of journalism for good and get to the bottom of this 🙂 Or at least organise some community pressure on whoever is inflating prices to drop the ridiculous ones.

  • So wanted to inform any PC RPG lovers out there of somehting i picked up today that all of you can do the same with, for just a meager $5.

    The game is called Drankensang and its a new(ish) old-school RPG for lovers of all things “stats” related, and especially for those who preffer to have their RPG’s without the prefix of “action”, “action shooter” or “babies first”.

    Apparently it’s a pretty good and deep RPG that harkens to the days where you would constantly monitor the stats of your entire party.

    apparently it’s reviewed fairly well too.. 75/100 on metacritic, with a reader review score of 8.8/10

    Ok so if you go into your local dick smith, they should have plenty at just $4.95… but if you can’t go in or can’t be bothered you can get it at dick smith online with free freight with the promo code i’m about to share with you..

    go here:

    use the promo code “brodeal” for free freight

    simple as that.

    It’s worth a shot if you like you’re old chool RPG’s.. i’ll let you know my thoughts when i jump into it…

    Oh and you know how i know it’ll be good?? It comes with a big-ass heavy-as-heck instruction manual… well bigger than what you get these days.. ANd that’s when you know you’re playing a REAL rpg 😀

    Hope you guys find this useful!

  • So has anyone played the AC:Brotherhood Beta? It takes forever for me to join, only for it to quit. I’ve spent a collective hour on this game, and the only time I’ve played it is in the introductory session. The rest is me just waiting, restarting the PS3/quitting the game. And I’m reasonably sure it’s not my net, because after I gave up trying to play it, I started playing Uncharted 2 online. Which worked. Perfectly fine.

  • So i had an awesome dream last night.. well not the whole dream.. just part of it. I actually remembered most of my dreams last night, which is odd – but this stood out as especially awesome.

    So i was back at primary school and the bell started ringing to head back to class… then all of a sudden it started.. danger zone, by kenny loggins.. So all of a sudden i’m sprinting towards the classrooms, down corridors and power sliding past a girl, knocking her off her feet as i hear “I WENNT TO THE DANGER ZOOONNEEE”..

    Man it was awesome..

    Now this is where shit gets weird… This morning, remembering this i started imagine how life could be that awesome… then i imagined my video game life, if it were all real.. where would i be.. and it came to me.. a complete day of being awesome in video game land.. Yes, this has all pretty much gone through my head today. Enjoy – or prescribe me medical help.. either one.

    So i wake up, and survey my surroundings. My heads a little fuzzy after last nights raging party in the “mushroom kingdom”. I notice i’m obviously at an Inn, as i could never have curtains that velvety. Before i managed to get half a yawn out i feel a tugging at my crotch area. There is something (or someone) under the sheets. I slowly lift the satin sheets to see it’s one of my lovely life-parteners, Samas Aran, tending to my +1 staff of reproduction. Goodness, she is such a sweetheart. A bit of last night floods back to me and i smile to myself thinking how amazing late-night mini-games are with a girl who can turn herself into a ball.

    After my lovely awakening reaches game over, i get dressed and kiss Ms. Aran on the cheek and say “enjoy your day, sweetheart” as she leaves for her day job. I look out the window as she gets in her ship and read the large “Samas Arans Cosmic Pest Control” sign on the side. I can’t quite make out the fine print underneath, but it mentions something about Metroids, whatever the hell they are.

    I head downstairs for breakfast and see a sweaty cooking mama making this mornings continental. I see some of my friends sitting at a table. Pleasantly surprised i take a seat.
    “What a night!” I exclaim, with a pleased look on my face.
    “Shit Yeah!” Says Duke, “I usually know it’s a good night when I can’t remember it and I wake up itchy down there, you know”
    “Jesus Christ, man!” says Starfox. “I’m so sick of hearing you talk about your steroid-shrunken man-bits!”
    “DO A BARREL ROLL!” someone shouts from the corner of the room.
    Without looking ‘fox hurls the basket of bread that was placed neatly in the table in the direction of the voice.
    “Woah, calm down big guy” Sheppard says, putting a consoling hand on ‘Fox’s shoulder. “What’s the matter buddy, you seem tense?”
    “Gah, maybe it has something to do with all of you deserting me last night for some late night ass.
    Fox looked at all of us, as if he was trying to glare our souls into some sort of pudding… mmm pudding…
    “To make matters worse, yu left me alone with that fat freak Mario for a good hour or more!”
    “Hey, where is Mario, anyway?”
    “He’s still upstairs with the princess, no doubt having some more ‘cake’”
    Everyone laughs, except for Gordon, he just sits there quietly stroking his crowbar.
    Gordon’s a good guy and all, but he can be REALLY creepy sometimes. I just wish he would say something… ANYTHING!

    About half an hour later we’ve finished breakfast and all go our separate ways. I leave the inn, immediately stepping out into traffic, causing all the cars around me to stop, I walk to the closest one and yank out the driver, punching him in the face, before taking his car. I make sure to give him a “thank you” wave in the rear view mirror as I speed off. There’s nothing worse than impolite drivers.

    I drive past a gym., Fenix Fitness. Out front is a large sign, which has the words “Men Only” crossed out, with “Now accepting ladies” painted underneath. A large black man is standing out the front, he looks like he could be a football player or something…

    A couple blocks down I stop at some lights and see my old school chum, Frank West, taking photo’s of birds. “When the hell did he become an bird watcher?” I catch myself say aloud “he’s shot wars”.

    Eventually I get to work, it’s pay day and I’m just stopping by to pick up my check so I can go blow it on gems, firearms and art books. I walk in and a half man-half mushroom man looks up at me from behind his desk.
    “Hey, I’m here for my pay, Chuloopa Mc’ Choopinson”
    “Thanks for coming in, But your pay cheque is in another office”
    “It’s in another office”
    “There are no other offices”
    “Sure there are, the next one is in the desert”
    This guy is obviously screwing with me. I reach behind me and produce a gun almost the same size as me, and twice the weight. I have no idea where it came from, but I’m glad it’s there.
    “Ask yourself one question – do I feel lucky?” I prime the firearm which comes to life with an ungodly whinning noise “well do ya, toad?”

    So anyway, before you know it I’m off to the bank, cash my cheque only to find I’m a little short for that new armour I’ve been thinking of getting. This problem is quickly solved after I jump on the heads of everyone waiting in line and collect their coins. Awesome.

    To cut a long story short, I save the world about 10 times in the space of a day and by the time I’m home I have 99 lives to my name. I waste one of them by making toast in the bathtub.

    Before I head into bed with a couple of bikini clad zombie slayers I go to the toilet and save my progress for the day. Saving burns my nose hair – I should have that smell seen to.

    What a day in video game land…

    • ………………………………………

      I have no idea what to make of this story. It’s awesome, it’s weird, it’s confusing, it’s slightly worrying.

      • I have 45 minutes alone in the car to get to work, and an extra 30 mins before that getting ready.. i have a lot of time to think of many messed up things..

        Awesome, Weird, Confusing, worrying – all things that describe me quite well.

    • That was a freaking awesome dream! My dreams norally end with me crying about letting go a bunch of helium balloons. Seeing the string slip through my fingers is terrifying as I desperately try to clinch onto them, them my guts sink as they soar away forever… I still to this day refuse to hold onto helium balloons, its my secret fear! Don’t tell anyone interwebs!
      Loops, If I had the money, I would be commishoning you to write one of these dreams stories each week, ie. you’d be paid to sleep…. yeaah, thats living!
      What was on the toast?

    • I don’t really know what to make of your idea. It both confuses and scares me…

      Your dream was pretty sweet though. ^^

  • FYI about the incongruous ‘TicTac Special’ post. It’s a landing page for new visitors as part of a special TicTac campaign that starts next week. There’ll be pointers to our LunchTimeWasters on other sites, so those people will be directed to that post when the arrive here.

    Hope it makes slightly more sense now. 🙂

    • Yeah it did have me confused for a moment, and that;s really saying something seeing as I’m the writer of the cesspool above you! 😀

  • Wow… what a biatch of a weekend 😐
    Lost my modem to a surge at 1am on Friday morning. First it was just the phone line. I had no dial tone at all. Then when I finally got dial tone back, my modem wouldn’t sync 😐 BLEH!
    So yesterday morning I jumped online at mums place and ordered an emergency backup modem from umart. $36 :0 3 yr warranty and everything! Doing the job for now, but no VOIP on this one.. not that I mind really.. no VOIP means I don’t have to put up with bullshit telemarketing calls 😉
    Checked the warranty on my good modem last night, and it’s 12 months (as expected), and I bought it on 27th of Oct last year! Score! Still under warranty! At least something worked in my favour for a change!
    So I sent my dad off to pick up that modem yesterday while I took the Mrs shopping for some furniture for the new house. We went looking for a tv cabinet/stand we saw on a leaflet that was in our mail this week. We walked out with over $1k of furniture :0 AYA!!! Thankfully most of it came pre-assembled though. Rest of yesterday was spent getting my co-ax and cat5 connections ready in the new house and assembling my new desk! Seriously looking forward to moving now that’s all setup! New desk is huge! Enough room for my 2 monitors, new tv/monitor and printer and still gonna have enough room for heaps of other goodies on my desk! One of the shelves we got will also be used to display all my Hellraiser/Tortured Souls/Naruto figures too! Gonna look hawt! Hopefully I’ll get my new Dead Rising zombie figure in the mail soon to put up there too! (hint hint kotaku! 😉
    Good to see Qumulys is alive and well too! Yay!! welcome back!! Hope life is treating everyone well! 4 Days til I turn 32 :0 Crossing my fingers someone will give me something game related! Can never have too many games 😉

  • I am posting this late Sunday night so hopefully it won’t be checked until the morning, at which time I wil be the first to officially welcome Mike 😉 to his new role, that is of course assuming that not a single person in the office even bothered to say Hi and they are still giving the new guy the cold shoulder. Good luck with the gig mate. Looking forward to getting back to some level of normallity (after looking at your intro bio I’m not sure what ‘normal’ will be however).

    I am sure the regulars around here will agree that it has been ‘different’ without an appointed dictator watching over us. (Yes, its a dictatorship).

    Also, just letting you know that I am super happy. Super fun happy slide happy!

    I have my final MBA exam on Tue 19th of October, the last of 12 exams that started back in 2004… What I am actually happy about though is that Fallout New Vegas comes out 21 October according to EB this morning and after getting all achievements and spending 150+ hours on the Fallout 3, I will enjoy my new found knowledge and freedom in the not-so-waste lands of New Vegas!

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