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Talk Amongst Yourselves

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  • Does anyone know if the early selling of NBA 2K11 last week resulted in any retailers getting banneds or fined?

  • Helllllooo possums! *edna voice. I’m sick of waiting for doctors, so I’ve naughtily doubled my dose of the new meds. Andddd I’m shake free at the moment! Although my skin feels like its buzzing a bit, which is an odd feeling… But, I am finding typing much easier, so you wont shut me up this week! Mwhahahahha.

    Also, Welbot, is your bday on the 13th or 14th? Cause you may have stolen my daughters bithday, which is on the 13th and she’s turning 12.. Shit… It seems only yesterday I was removing wedge shaped kinder surprises from her nappy, and now she’s almost a teen… *panicks, hyper ventilating!!!…
    Paper bag!! Quick!!!

      I thought I would hello by typing your name wrong and mentioning that you have the type of name that even if you managed to remember how it was spelt, you’d always double check because it always looks like you’ve made a mistake!

      • I understand! You see, My first name handle on the interwebs was “Cloud on my Tongue”, which seems odd now, but I choose that, hmmmm 16 (gasp) years ago, as I was madly into Tori Amos back then. But that got shotened down to just Cloudy. So I was Cloudy forevvvver, but then I kept seeing other Cloudy’s pop up everywhere, which made me shitty. So, I choose Qumulys, which is really culmulus (a type of cloud) but spelt stupidly so as no one would steal my name again. Its all connected… You may call me cloudy is its easier to spell :p

        • well, i for one, have been pronouncing your name wrong for yonks…

          My original handle was “Trozza”, but it was lame and unimaginative. I changed to Chuloopa a long time ago, when a now ex was using it as the nick name for my wang.
          True story. She was Argentinian so i made a high pitched latino voice and she would pretend it was talking. *nods*

          Ok no one needed to know that.. i apologize for burning your eyes!

          • I found, if you subtly squeeze with fingers positions at the top and bottom of the heads slit, you can make his little mouth open and shut, like a goldfish…

            I bet the words “Trozza to de Taco’s” was murmered at one point too. :p

    • hehehe welcome back Qumulys! Good to see you’re alive and kickin! Hope the down time hasn’t had too drastic an effect on your time/ability to pump out some more awesome tunes for Cokoon! I’m sure they miss you heaps if it did anyway.
      I haven’t stolen your daughter’s day! 😉 Mine’s the 14th! And 20 years prior! :0 Can’t believe I’ll be 32!! :\ Wife took me shopping for my pressie yesterday and I picked up 3d Dot Game Heroes and No More Heroes for $49!! SCORE!! Hooray for GAME BOGOF sale!!! w00t!!! So looking forward to getting in to them, but wives being wives, she wont let me touch them til the day :0 ARRRRGH!! Possibly for the best though. Might give me just enough time to finish hacking my way through Dead Rising 2! 😉
      Still, good to see you kickin around the place again! Has been awefully quiet round these parts, what with you down and out, and Chuloopa not having access to kotaku from work. Though that seems to be fixed now.. yay!! 😉

      • Great score on the games! I’m still not able to play music competently, but I’ll be heading to Royal Talbot rehab soon, which will hopefully get me further back on track. I’ve not heard from cokoon in a bit, but I sent them 2 new songs a while back but was waiting on them doing a collaboration with another game company on an upcomming game they are planning. They will call me in she said, but I can’t really offer much at the moment. 🙁

        32, your a young whipper snapper, as I’m your elder, you shall always respect me. I’m 33 😉

        • Pfffft – i’m older than the both of you combined… i’m a quarter of a century!!!

          Yeh – respect!

          Don’t say you can’t make music in your condition either, mate. Have you heard most of the crap on the radio? Sounds like half the composers are damn near epileptic.

          Good luck with the rehab center mate – you know we’ll all miss the heck outta ya!
          Maybe Goose will pay you a visit? hehe

          • Last time I checked a quarter of a century was only 25 years.. or am i missing some kind of joke here? :\ Think my pills could be screwing with my head todayy, but I’m sure not that bad :0

            More related to the post above, but I’m too lazy to make another post :0 For some reason, I always was pronouncing Qumulys correctly.. I even have a concept characature of you in my pc somewhere too which I started messing around with a while ago.. It’s a cloud in a wheelchair :0 Must be more clever than I thought 😉

          • Yes, My welly friend – it was indeed a tongue in cheek remark lol.

            I’ve always wanted to do a series of photoshops/superhero’s for people of here too, and mine of Q-bo’s was a part wheelchair-part tank cybord lady-killer.

            Yours was a well with robot arms and legs.

            I’m imaginative like that

          • hehe must be the pills :0 I was sure there was a joke in there somewhere 😉 Damn opiates! Makin me crazy!

          • Lol, your both nuts! I did an old doodle somewhere of a rocket powered wheelchair. All I found was 1. it looked like fun and 4. I cant draw a wheelchair. They are hard!

    • Well, Qumulys, a bit of trivia your daughter might be interested in, depending on how well you taught her.
      She shares her birthday with The Dog from Footrot Flats.

      • Dear god… I just found out I share my b’day with… Usher :$ Same day same year! Yikes!
        Also one I knew about years ago is Cliff Richard.. though he’s a tad older 😉
        Akon and Roger Moore :0
        Only one I’m happy to know about is Stacy Keibler from WCW! Hubba Hubba!! 😉

  • I figured I’d jump in and fire off a big welcome to Mr. Mark Serrels. Best of luck to you, and we’re all looking forward to seeing how you’ll handle with our favourite stomping grounds.

    So inbetween modelling the Swordfish II from Cowboy Bebop in pure primitives, via code rather than a modelling program for a uni assignment (possibly one of the most painfully anal things I’ve ever had to do), I’ve personally been hitting up some Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

    Man, I cannot possibly express how addictive the Command system is! I haven’t been this hooked on a battle system like this since The World Ends With You. If you’re in need of some good ol’ hack-&-slash gameplay and don’t have anything against Disney and/or Square themed products, you could do much worse than checking out Birth By Sleep.

    So that’s me. What has everyone else been playing lately?

  • I smashed enslaved on the weekend, not bad took 10 hours on hard, there abouts, such a good story and awesome visuals. I cant believe im already in my last week of my internship, ive never had any less of an excuse then to start looking for work to start a career. Anyone need a junior (games) design in sydney? lol

  • So I finally got around to playing Lost Odyssey, after having it in my pile o shame for about 6 months.

    I was really enjoying it until I got to the first boss, who basically smashed me into the ground about 30 times.

    After a bit of patient grinding and with some help from the interwebs, I realised the strategic component to battling that I haven’t had to deal with in an RPG before, and developed a new appreciation for the game.

    I probably wouldn’t have gotten that if the game hadn’t been so damn hard to beat ‘conventionally’ (conventionally meaning spamming the attack button and spells). Plus, it made me feel like I’d achieved something when I whupped it good.

    The game continues tonight…

    • I had a tad of trouble on the first 2 or 3 bosses it gets easier after that.

      Good game really love it, nice to hear I’m not the only person to have played it.

    • I picked up Lost Odyssey a while back and am still yet to get anywhere near it, unfortunately. I now have like 60 360 games and only completed about 8ish… i have a LONG way to go in my pile of shame… and that’s just 360 alone..

      I’m still really keen to get into Xenosaga 1+2 when i get the time, and Shadow of the Colossus!

      Gah, so many games, so little time!

      • Start coughing and sniffing. NOW.
        Anything to lay the groundwork for your “sick” day tomorrow so you can play Shadow of the Colossus.

        Do it. Dr. Strange’s orders.

        …or,you could just wait for the HD re-release pack with Ico. 😛

        • Dr. Strange.. can you please get a doctorate, because that is an AWESOME super-villain name.

          Remakes are no good for me, as i don’t have a ps3 yet.

          Also, i prefer to play games in their pure forms – remakes are all well and good, but there is something beautiful about playing a game in its raw, orginal state.

          I was thinking of starting up SotC after i finish with Mass Effect and Dead Rising 2. Possibly just after DR2 as ME will take too long.

          But i also need to get a new PS2 controller first… hmmm

          • I thought that sounded familiar…

            Well, Strange, don’t get a doctorate as you would no doubt be sued by Disney Corporation for plagiarism.

          • No doctorate for me then…I’ll be busy running from The Law on account of impersonating a medical doctor anyway. Eek!

    • Lost Oddysey is one of my favourite games. I got killed by that boss so many times, too. Took me a whole lot of largely unnecessary grinding before I realised I had skills I wasn’t taking advantage of.
      I love the music too. The final boss battle theme makes me smile everytime I hear it and prompted me to rush and order the soundtrack as soon as I finished the game.

      • I know what you mean.

        Having to actually take stock of the abilities and features that the characters have is very different from the game I just finished playing, The Saboteur, where just about any approach ensures victory.

    • I picked up Lost Odyssey a few weeks ago in GAME’s BOGOF sale.. never even knew what it was about or like. Couple of people here said it was a great game though, so hopefully everyone is right! Sounds like fun is being had by all though! yay!

  • Been playing Runes of Magic (that free Aus hosted MMO) with a couple of friends / brothers.

    There’s only one server for it, so I figured I might as well see if any other Kotakuans(?) are playing on there.

    Was looking at putting a guild together with my companions but we’re a player or 2 short of a solid group so let me know if you’re keen 😀

    Torunn <— in game name.

    • I thought about it – but it’s such a llarge download and i’m running low on space as it is..

      how does it play? Is it worth the download? Do you need to buy the extra stuff to really enjoy it?

      • The AUS (slim) is only 3-4gb iirc. So far a lot of fun. The list of features is staggering, especially for a free game.

        So far haven’t had to buy anything but I’m only level 21/21. From reading the US forums you shouldn’t ever have to.

        So nice playing an MMO locally hosted, it feels even smoother then WAR did when it launched here.

  • SCORE!

    Ebay how i love thee.

    My Limited Edition Mech Assault 2 for XBOX just came ($10 delivered) and DAYUM is it ever SHINY!

    Also got Sega Somehtingorother Soccer on Gamecube for like $5 delivered yesterday, which turned out to be quite a bit of fun against the lady!

    Oh, and with EB clearing out XBOX titles, i finally got Beyond Good and Evil for a meagre $6.50

    So slightly over my $20 weekly budget, but damn good if you ask me.


    • $20 a week! Damn! My wife said ages ago that I could get one game a month, but everytime I buy one she spews at me anyway, so I don’t get anywhere near as many as I’d like to :\

      • I have a system of “net cost” worked out with my wife. If I can sell/trade in games I already own, then that money (and maybe a little more) can go towards more games.

        When GAME had their 1:1 Trade deal, that was very very exciting. I managed to trade Smash Bros Wii (which came free with our Wii) for a brand new Red Dead Redemption, and then after playing that through, traded it back in for $70 store credit, which got me Assassin’s Creed 2 White Edition and $20 credit which I still have up my sleeve.

        Net cost: -$20 (especially as Smash Bros was free to start with).

        It’s not a bad system, as it makes me really consider which games (of the ones that are actually worth anything still) I’m likely to pick up again.

      • My husband buys me pretty much any game I want. It’s not as good as it sounds though, it kind of devalues them a bit in my eyes because I didn’t have to go through any sacrifices or hard choices. Well, unless you count all the girly stuff I forgo….:-P

        • I also buy comics, am married with a kid so it’s always a hard choice between Swamp Thing hardcovers and Dragon Age: Origins.

          • I love comics – luckily Bee normally buys them for me for birthdays and xmas and as little gifts now and then.

            I’m not allowed to buy ANY Marvel Zombies compilations as i have been told that she is buying them all for me. I already have 1-4 and Vs Army Of Darkness.

            After “returns” i might start on deadpool… possibly Deadpool corps??
            Maybe Deadpool and Cable…

            Hmmm choices choices…

          • I love the SuperHero stuff, huuuge Spidey fan.
            If you’re into the zombie ones, you should check out “The Walking Dead” by Robert Kirkman before the TV show happens (If you can handle black and white).
            Robert Kirkman wrote some of the Marvel Zombies stuff.

          • If your’e gonna get some Deadpool go the classics, anything written by Joe Kelly or Gail Simone kicks the rear end of all other attempts at Deadpool.

            By classic I mean the Name of the books, “Deadpool Classics” I think it’s onto volume 3 or 4 now.Im pretty Sure volume 2 is where Joe Kelly begins writing.
            Don’t know if Simones work has been collected into trade paperback yet.

            I have the individual issues of Cable Deadpool, laughed, but still not as good as the Kelly/Simone stuff.

          • Awesome – cheers for the heads up, mate.

            I want to get the Walking Dead Omnibus – but i can’t find it at minotaur, i’ve only seen it on Amazon

          • DOOOOOOOOOOOD, I wish We had Minotaur in Brissie, damn overpriced up here. I have a freind goes down there every so often picks me up something. Got the Criminal Deluxe Edition last time.

          • Is anybody able to tell me where I can find a *reasonably* priced copy of The Losers: Endgame?

            I have the first four TPs, but the fifth seems to be out of print in most places. Amazon has it listed for over US$100 new…
            I hope they do a reprint.

    • I have MechAssault one and two sitting in the shelf at home.

      I love Mechwarrior… but I can’t look at them because they’re not the girl I fell in love with.

      • I really should get around to downloading Mech 4 for free…

        Anyone heard any news about the ‘new’ Mechwarrior game? It seems that it got announced, and then it disappeared…

        • Pirana Games and Smith&Tinker (Jordan Wiesmans company, he owns the licence) still have it listed as “in development”. One of the MekTek guys… I think Jehosphat said he saw it running at one of their meetings, when they were discussing the free release, but couldn’t talk about it.

          • Also, free release is great… and in HD… and continuously getting patched and updated.

      • While it may not be the girl i fell in love with either (that’s actually mechcommander), it’s still her sexy sister who seems to be into experimental things. Sure it might not be the same and experimenting always has plenty of room to go awry, it’s still a bit of fun in the end, unless your left with a burning sensation and a sense of regret…

        Although, with this family of games, i don’t think i ever will regret a thing.. c’mere baby!

        • No man… it’s more like her 16 year old emo sister.

          It’s all about flash and noise… it’s the girl you look at, but not the one you take home.

          • Pfft 16 is still legal and emo chicks are highly suggestible – you’re losing me..

            wait.. are we still talking about mech assault…

        • I think divorce requires marriage these days, so that puts me out.

          Plus i think it’s like $1000 or so for the papers and stamp duty.

          That future divorce could pay for a PS3 and a slew of games!

          • My sister’s wedding album cost something like $10,000.
            I mean, she likes fancy things and all, but… gorramn, that’s alotta games.
            I guess it’s fortunate that my brother-in-law just plays WoW though, so I guess so long as that goes through each month (I don’t even know how much it is. $20?) he’s a happy chappy.

          • I was really lucky! My wedding (apart from the rings) cost us all of about $450! Which covered the hotel room for the night! We had a small one with only around 12 people, and my parents were kind enough to shout everyone dinner at a nice restaurant on the day! w00t! I don’t much care for all that fancy crap anyway.. Lucky for me, neither does my wife. We’ve since been to a couple of weddings for her cousins in china, and boy am I glad we didn’t have to go through what they did over there. They had humungous weddings.. like 300+ people!! AYA!!! Dread to think how much something like that would cost. On top of that, the bride had 4 different dresses to wear on the night! :0 Crazy and totally unnecessary IMO.

  • Does anyone know when the AU dsiware store is getting that new shantae game?

    It looks awesome (… and yeah, love those 2d pixel art games)

  • Ok, i know i’m a 25 year old male and i shouldn’t be saying, but DAMN vacuuming the house is damn therapeutic – really makes me feel sooo much better!

    • I know the feeling, but with with vacuuming, but rather painting or building something. Or wiping down my kitchen bench-tops. I think it must stem from the utter self-indulgence of arse sitting while gaming for hours on end…???

    • Wat, being a domestic male is nothing to be ashamed of. I’m a personal fan of vacuuming and doing the dishes, m’self.
      If only I could cook well.

      • I cook (that’s shared though), do the dishes (sometimes shared), Vacuum, clean her damn cat’s litter tray and clean the toilet. All the fun stuff.

        I mainly do it because i HATE mess. It REALLY bothers me. Also being allergic to cats and dust means i’m double screwed, so kind of NEED to clean regularly.

    • Vacuuming isn’t unmanly at all. Especially when vacuum cleaners are looking more and more like weird robots all the time.

      I wish I found it therapeutic like you though, would make life so much easier.

      • Thanks man. Now when I have to vacuum I’m totally going to pretend it’s a weird robot. You’ve just made household chores 100 times more fun.

        • *ahem* *whispers*
          Hey. mike.. you need to add a “wo” in front of that “man”

          You know what would be cool though, in all seriousness? If my Vacuum was a transformer.

          Better yet it could merge with my iron, microwave, toaster and kettle.


          • Yeah, I guess our speed date wasn’t very memorable. *cries*

            I’m pretty sure I read a book once with sentient household appliances. Something by Michael Marshall Smith I think.
            Transformer vacuum would be awesome. Especially because it could then proceed to vacuum without your help like one of those Roomba thingies that creep me out.

          • haha!
            Don’t worry, mate – pretty much all of us had made that mistake.
            When strange first mentioned her husband i thought “awww good to see kotaku appreciates alternative lifesty…. wait a minute.. GIRL!”

            It’s still so strange (lol) that gamers automatically tend to assume most people that discuss and enjoy their hobbies are men unless their handle is “GAMER_GIRL_85” or something 😛

            OH, and strange, just make sure the Vacuum Transformers get propper AI, unlike the Dinobots who trashed everything when they were first activated, i’m sure we all remember that episode fondly!!

            …what? we don’t?? oh.. just me then.. i’ll receed back into my Geek Hole then…

          • One day when the robots rise, the evolved Roomba will look down upon you and bellow “I’LL VACUUM YOU GOOD!” (because apparently that’s the best line they can think of after all those years) and eat you.

          • So glad to see you make this mistake.. if only to make myself feel better becausse I did it only a few weeks ago. I think that the group around here are quite welcoming of female gamers and in fact would prob encourage it but as Loops said, I think we have all done it.

            Better luck next time Mike!

            PS, Loops, this Mike thing still gets a giggle from me, how u going with it?

          • Yeah it’s going well i think.
            Trying not to over-do it, as i’d still like to be able to win comps now and then, but i feel that if we keep at it Mike will soon forget that his name actually isn’t mike!

  • The Force Unleashed Demo!!!!!!!

    It’s soooo prreetttyyyy.

    The water, the visuals, decapitation, mind trick, force fury, two lightsabers, decapitation, Vaders voice, crisping stormtroopers with lightning, de-cap-i-tation!!!!!

    • BAHAHAHA!!!

      No no no.. Not me at all.
      1. I’m much more attractive
      2. I’m much paler and less ethnic
      3. I like to wear bright summer dresses, not 2 pieces.

      Oh, also, i’m assuming you’re new here with the several posts at the bottom here, so if you want to reply to what someone has posted hit the “reply” link in their post to reply directly to that post – saves any confusion 🙂 haha

      Thanks for the thought, although i’m now worried why you were you-tubing men vacuuming in womens clothes?

  • Yeah I tried to justify buying a PS3 to my wife after I had bought it. I said the PS3 can do lots of useful things like record TV and pause and fast forward through adverts. She was like how much was it? I gulped…
    I guess I should keep to more of a strict budget, thankfully my wife has not put one one me, well not yet any way. I tend to order from overseas and she has not been commentating on my gaming buys. I am pretty selective about the games I buy, but I do have a bit of a pile of shame.
    Yesterday though I did kinda buy a Wii as it was on sale for $200 at Rebel Sport. Now I feel like the biggest gaming otaku with a PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, DS lite and a Wii. I have not shown her the Wii yet, Saving it for the weekend. She plays the DS more than me, I hope she like the wii…

    • You bought a Wii from Rebel Sport???

      Man talk about random.

      Also, don’t worry my boy, you’re still a bit away from being a gaming Otaku, but you’re well on your way! You need to own at least 3 retro systems as well 😛

  • Chuloopa, I actually do all the cooking for my wife during the week and tend to do lots of house work too. Women love it when guys pull their share of the household work.

    • Yes, yes they do. Also, if she’s done the housework…NOTICE it, and make sure she knows you appreciate it.
      These are two very easy ways to make your wife amenable to suggestions of yours, be it buying new consoles/games or um…other things.

      • My lovely lady loves other things! 😀
        But yes, if i fail to notice she has done the dishes of something i cop it! lol

        • hehehe I don’t have an issue with noticing things my wife does. She does them so rarely that I just about pass out in shock when I see something has been done (like dishes)! 😉

          I do most of the cooking in our place too, mostly just cos I love it though. Always used to cook with mum when i was a kid, and whenever I was home from school, I used to watch What’s Cooking with Jeff Jantz(sp?). Used to think that I might become a chef one day, but then I discovered video games :0

      • Whenever I read your posts about your family, sometimes it sounds like the only reason you stick with your husband is because he buys you games. (Although, to be fair, that alone sounds like a pretty sweet arrangement.)

        • That’s not true…I love him because he buys me junk food too! 😛

          Seriously though, that’s kinda not good. Note to self: must write more soppy stuffs.

  • Sonic 4 is out today. Does anyone know what time PSN updates around here? Am I going to have to wait until the early hours of tomorrow morning? 🙁

    • no clue, I’m waiting for it on the 360 but I hope I don’t have to wait till later tonight/early tomorrow morning for it.

      • Now, Sonic 4 is the episodal High Def 2d sonic, isn’t it?

        Or is that sonic colours?

        Any idea on how many MS points it is?

        • That’s a bingo!

          I’m hoping it’s got a demo (Xbox) before I pay for something that has the potential to leave me hollow…

        • Yup, Sonic 4 is the episodic HD 2D Sonic. It’s up on Live now, and it’s 1200 MSP. I’d play the demo first if you plan on getting it, as if you’re like me (an old-school Sonic fan) you’ll probably be severely disappointed.

  • I had an amazing time on Minecraft last night. Someone had put tnt all under the main town on my server, and it set off just as someone logged in. I was a fair way away at the time, and two people are just saying like “oh shit, that’s a big hole” and “wtf happened to the town”. So I returned there, and ho-ly shit. Where before there had been a beautiful town, comprised of hours of work from many players, there was now a massive crater.

    So the main admin logged in, looked at what happened, and decided that he’d revert the server to the last save sometime this morning, so we could go nuts. Ended up setting up a huge explosion to blow up my sky fortress.

    Still, I kind of wish I’d been recording the whole thing, as it would have made a brilliant psychological analysis piece.

    • Haha, TNT is the best fun in Minecraft you could ever have.
      Sometimes, when me and a friend get bored, we pick a spot and start digging downwards to try find some caverns or caves. If we don’t find anything for a while, we dig out a small room, and absolutely pack it with TNT, set it off, and run the hell away. Sometimes we find awesome caverns, most times, we just create a big mess, and throw in some more TNT.
      Although, this one time, we just placed torches everywhere, surrounding two trees that we planted, and now it looks like some eerie shrine.

      • First up – total noob when it comes to minecraft, or PC gaming for that matter. I got MC about a month ago but have only played about 5 hours worth. I see you guys seem to be playing online so wonder how I get in on that?

        Where do i start.

        I have not really looked into it much due to exams but as of next week i am a free man. (Wife and kid are still around however) so wanted to get back into it.

        How do i do it, where do i go etc etc.

        To give you an idea of how far i got in the game, i found lava and massive underground caverns (now full of torches), have made a house (door etc), workbenches and chests, have done a small amount of smelting but that is it.

        Just want some friendly advice of how I can lose more of my life to gaming (Trials HD has taken enough!!!!) Thanks in advance.

        • Basically all you do is put in the IP address of the server and it plops you in.

          I’m on a friend’s server and I think he just uses one of his computers as a server, and there’s only a few of us (6 or 7?) on it.
          Whirlpool has a public-ish server you can join (instructions: but reading over the Minecraft topic, there seems to be a few griefers in there, so watch out if you do join.
          Mind you, multiplayer is pretty buggy at the moment; you can’t hurt monsters and sometimes monsters just stare at you then disappear, but nothing that’ll get in the way of basic building.
          Also, it’s probably the lamest sort of multiplayer out there; single-player, but just with more people. It’s not a team or co-op game (obviously), but you do make your own fun with your friends. Maybe it’s just chatting while you’re building something, but it’s also fun helping out your friends with their grand vision, and being able to say you helped when their giant sky-fortress is all ready to conquer the world. Mileage may vary, I guess is what I’m saying.

        • Trials has never had enough!! You have more tracks to nail, higher worldwide stats to conquor! *SLAP* Pull yourself together!!!! 😉

          • Ok ok trials is still around. I do wish some more of you were online on trials hd instead of 2. I just needed a break. I have 94 of 95 platinum medals and I just can’t get the one I need. Am looking forward to the new DLC though.

  • Happy to B’day to Qumulys’ little princess! Hope you make her day really special man! 🙂 Just don’t break her heart and tell her the cake is a lie! 😉

    • Ahhhh crap!!!
      That’s today?! I thought it was tomorrow!!!
      Man i am a horrible piece of net-arse.


      Hope your dad spoils you rotten! 😀

        • Happy Birthday to you (and QUMULULYUYUS Daughter),
          Happy Birthday to you (and QUMULULYUYUS Daughter),
          Happy Birthday dear you (and QUMULULYUYUS Daughter),
          Happy Birthday to you (and QUMULULYUYUS Daughter)!

          For tomorrow that is…..

          • Yes I never remember how to write Q-bo’s name and yes, after the cloudy talk from earlier, all I seem to think about is Monkey Magic with the two fingers over the lips thing where he makes his own cloud.

            Then I start thinking about Pigsy and then Trippy-taka? who was the horse but in the first episode was actually a woman who i think helped Monkey get released from under a rock or something… then I get confused and have to sit down…

            Man, trying to find more and more creative ways NOT to study is tough….

            Just a general Hi to all. I have a weeks worth of leave starting now so I can prepare for my final exam. Have been quite around here due to exams and work stuff… but hopefully be around more once this exam is out of the way.

            I have been enjoying Mike’s work so far… and good to see the conversation is getting back to *normal?*.

            To highlight just how normal things have become this week:

            My quote of the week!!!!! so far…

            “I found, if you subtly squeeze with fingers positions at the top and bottom of the heads slit, you can make his little mouth open and shut, like a goldfish… ”

            Seriously, WTF mate, that is both awesome, then effing disturbing, then funny then some other kind of emotion … wow!

          • hahaha yeah – q-bo said exactly what i wanted to, but didn’t have the guts, or wording, to say! 😀

            And yeah, Mike is doing such an awesomely bang up job!

            I always get a bit nervous when editorial rights change hands, but it always seems to pan out so well on here. 😀

          • The version of Monkey you are referring to holds a dear place in my heart! Always used to be on before or after Astroboy in the arvo! Many fond memories of that series! Apparently it’s not the original though. I was introduced to the original series on one of my trips to china, and it’s actually a bit different to that one. Nowhere near as funny, but still has its merits. The one we saw here in aus though will always be #1 in my books though!

      • Thanks lads! Yes, big Bday wishies for my lil princess, who I’ve been trying to keep calm since her friends at school bought her 2 red-bulls, of which she skulled both. To make matters worse, I dopily let her have her bestie sleep over on a school night. I can still hear them giggling and cackling away, I will have to go lay down the law again… *has headache*

        • Ahh i remember the days when caffeine would sent me on a buzz, but now i merely need it to get through a full day..

          Unless i drink a rockstar.. man those things eff me up so bad. If you think your girl is hyperactive, you aint seen nothing yet!

          • BIG DBAY WISHIES for welbot! Congrats on getting old!

            I do apologise for the above wording… but you’ve all done it.. I just said it 😀

  • So we (family and I) may be going to the US in early December (strong dollar FTW) and I have a few questions.

    What is the current state of bringing electronics (or any such item) onto the plane if it’s an international inbound/outbound one? From what I remember, it used to be something similar to “nothing on your laps for a period of an hour or so before the plane lands” (paraphrased.)

    Considering we will likely be following a tour (boo), I may be bringing my DS lite. Now I don’t want to bring the handful of games I own in the case of robbery, I’ll likely bring the spare flashcart I have. I was also planning to buy the new Golden Sun game (as I recall, it’s coming out at the end of November in the US) if I am able to find it in a possible Duty free and/or games store. I would be thinking that the region of the game wouldn’t really matter (unless it had WiFi capabilities, but unsure on US to AU changes for DS games.)

    Also, when does Steam usually start on their Christmas sale and is it the usual type of sales? (Eg, specials for the duration, selected games getting a further price cut.) I don’t know this as I only started being a Steam user in July.

    I think that’s all I could ask for now, until something else pops into my head.

    Also, the almost-parity between the AUD and the USD is insane.

    • Oh! I forgot to ask another thing.

      I’m only 20, so what would happen with the age restrictions on drinking and/or gambling (we have some time in Las Vegas, I think) as I would be a tourist? I was assuming the legally required age applied to tourists, but i’m unsure.

      • hehe when I flew to china earlier this year, you still had to turn off electronics for take-off and landing but it wasn’t anywhere near an hour.. more like 20mins or so.

      • Also, some flights are still paranoid about WiFi devices, but the DS should be fine.
        Don’t confine yourself to duty-free shops though; Gamestop/EB may be a rip off to them over there, but DS games are $30, PC games are $50, and PS3/360 games are $60 RRP, so assuming the dollar hasn’t drastically crashed by then, new games for cheap! Customs doesn’t seem to mind you bringing over games (although last time I went overseas, I just told the guy what was in my bag and he just waved me onwards without even the slightest glimpse). DS games aren’t typically region locked, either, and the only exception to this (as far as I know) is Pokemon Black and White, which currently only works on all DS phats, all Lites but only Japanese DSis. But it should be fine. I’ve also connected to Wifi with American versions to other people with Aus versions fine.



    AND SO SAY ALL OF US (lest he kills us)
    AND SO SAY ALL OF US (lest he kills us)
    AND SO SAY ALL OF US (lest he kills us)


    • Lollercopter! Creative rendition of the b’day song! 😉 There will be no killing today I assure you of that! Unless one of my clients wants to play silly buggers and act like an asshole today.. that might just tip me over the edge, but I assure you that all Kotakuites are safe 😉

      As for loot, I’m hoping so too! I only know of the pressie from the wife atm cos she took me shopping for it on the weekend. 3d Dot Game Heroes and No More Heroes! w00t! Really looking forward to having a bash at the former! Been wanting to get my hands on that game since I saw the first preview of it ages ago!

      • Awesome 😀

        You’ll have to let us know what you get!

        Also, thank you for not killing us – obviously you’re one of the caring robots you hear about in all of those Johnathan Coulton songs!

        • What exactly does a robot want for his birthday?? cog upgrades? No, wait, I’ve got it..

          A full on service *wink wink*

          Happy Bday mate! hope you have a great day all day long 😀

          • well the work portion of my day started well.. 9am start on thursday, so I got to sleep in, but it all went downhill from there fast.. the rest of my day up until now has been utter shit.. boss didn’t even wish me a happy b’day :p pretty typical of him though.. he’s a bit weird like that. looking forward to dinner at mums though.. got my fingers crossed there’s a nice lasagne or trifle (or both) waiting for me over there :0
            the nicest part of my day so far, was getting to see the smashingly hot receptionist at one of my clients! :0 how sad is that.. oh wells.. can’t win em all 😉 and hell.. always happy to have a good perve 😉 ahaha

          • rude of me not to at least say thanks for the well wishes :0 where’s my manners..-perhaps my programming has become corrupted by my opiates 😐
            Seriously though.. thanks! I’ve had more well wishes in here today that I have IRL :0 every b’day i get really jealous of my sister.. lucky bitch has her b’day on aus day, so she gets a holiday every year!! 😉

          • Even if there is not time for a full on service, just make sure you at least change your fluid some time today! If you don’t regularly change that stuff it will cause your circuts to turn blue!

      • well dinner is done and good times had by all!
        My mum ended up giving me ModNation Racers on PS3, and also a Move controller! Little did she know that the move controller on it’s own is kind of useless, but hey.. she tried! 😉 Full points for effort! Now I have the perfect excuse to go and get the starter kit with my wife’s blessing 😉

        My sis gave me the most kickass pressie though!!
        They’re salt and pepper shakers that you can wind up and they walk across the table!!! So very fitting for me!


          Really glad to hear your day turned out to be at least half decent in the end – i sent you a present too, so be on the look out for a packaged containing a jar of my blood, spunk and saliva! I hope you like it 🙂

          I seriously need to start saving for a PS3… free online gaming would be so nice…

          • Oooo Blood and spunk!! You know what this means don’t you?! I can clone my own little Chuloopa! :0 Maybe I’ll clone 2 and send one to Qumulys so you can familiarize yourselves so come time for the threeway with Serrels, it wont be so awkward lol!

  • So fellow kotakuians, the time has come. The Goose has left the nest and now we have Mark. This is all well and good, but I can’t keep calling Mark Mark. I can’t call him Mike either…..
    What we need is some kind of warm matey nickname to call him by. So, hows about we all chuck in some ideas?? Markasaurus? Serrelicious? The Dark Mark?


  • Just a heads up to everyone that, if you don’t already have it, the Gears of War 2 ‘All Fronts’ Collection has been reduced to a crazy 400msp!!

    I didn’t have it yet, so it’s a blessing for me, but for those of you who also don’t know what it is, it’s a truck load of new multiplayer maps and also an extra mission in the single player campaign!

    It’s only valid for this week, and after that it will go up to 800 points.

    Enjoy 😀

      • No probs – get to it, i loved both gears 1 & 2. I actually played them back to front as gears 2 came with my 360 lol.

        Plus the multi-player is a blast

    • Thanks for the heads-up, but Gears multiplayer just didn’t have any sort of interest for me. Way, way too much lag. And then a plethora of other games.

      • Really? The few times i’ve played multiplayer it’s been pretty ok?

        The multiplayer is a real kick to me, more so if you’re playing horde sitting next to a mate.

        For 400points it could restore your faith in overly buff men?

        • I’m gonna have my hands full with Halo Reach, Fallout New Vegas, Fable 3, Force Unleashed 2 and Super Scribblenauts for a while.

          Burly space marine types will have to wait til Gears 3 😛
          Or 40k Space Marine. Whichever is out first.

  • OH CRAP!! I’ve just had a phonecall telling me I’m one of the State finalists for that Guitar Hero Battle Sessions comp.
    So I have to rock up to a Westfield with 19 other people and play a song. Only thing is, while I consistently get high 90’s percentage-wise for half of the songs they’ll be choosing from…the other half I’ve been known to fail out of.
    Guess I’d better start practicing because
    A: I don’t want to fail in front of people, and
    B: I want to get 2nd place so I can win a shiny new 360.

        • I think I just assume everyone on the site is a dude until I’m corrected.

          I also think I need to change this tactic…

          • …but you were corrected about strange YESTERDAY!

            Oh how quickly we forget.. lol

            Well done strange, that’s awesome news! Show those bastards what-for! 😀

          • Yeah I’m so sorry. I’ve been known to say ‘dude’ to girls right in their face. I’m an idiot!

            No offence meant!

          • No offence taken. It makes me giggle. And at least ‘dude’ is a step up from ‘man’. 😛
            I’ve temporarily changed my name for you though….

          • It’s cool – i’m pretty sure she isn’t going to take offence – Strange is cool like that. 😛

            Although, wouldn’t be funny if she systematically hunted down everyone on he internet that thought she was a guy??

            Man, talk about a full time job!

          • Yeah, when you add in the fact that apart from games I also love metal music, asian martial arts movies, science fiction and anime I confuse people on the internet with regards to my gender quite frequently so the list of people I’d have to hunt down would be on the large side.

            Ahem! Not that I have a list and have been brushing up on my sneaking skills or anything.

      • Again that should be dudette! 😉 COngrats Strange! Hope you do well! Lucky my wife doesn’t know about this, cos she’d prolly be right up there attempting to kick your ass!

    • Grats, Strange, and good luck!

      If all else fails, pull a Scott Pilgrim and upswing your opponent with the guitar.

      • Yes!
        And savour that sweet, sweet moment you crush their hopes and spirit, reducing them to a sad little shell of their former Guitar Hero selves.
        Eh heh heh.

    • Thanks for the luck peoples, I’ll probably need it.
      I just ran through all the songs twice and I’m confident I can get through the solos of “Children of the Grave” and “Bat Country” now so yay, no failing!
      I really hope the song doesn’t end up being the My Chemical Romance song though because seriously, if I never hear that song again it’ll be too soon. Ugh!

      Oh and Sir Serrels? I hope you’ll remember how much you’ve wronged me the next time I enter a competition on here…. 😛

  • Anyone else going to Armageddon expo (Melbourne) this weekend?

    I just want to meet Lar Desouza and Ryan Sohmer, the men behind ‘Least I Could Do’ and ‘Looking For Group’. The rest of the line up is pretty impressive so anything beyond that will be a bonus

    • I really wish i could say i was going – meeting the guy behind looking for group would be awesome..

      Unfortunately me an the lady are going up to sydney for a holiday next weekend, so we’re not spending anything this weekend to save more money for it…

      • Oh god, why would want to come up here for a weekend? So you can spend it in a car stuck in the traffic in the CBD?

        I MEAN
        We have a bridge! And an Opera House that is famous for looking a bit funny! Yeah!
        What does Melbourne have!? Nothing but shopping, and allegedly the best culture in Australia. Oh, and trams.

        • haha funnily enough that’s what i say – but i haven’t been to Sydney before, so i really should see it before i continue to slag it 😛

          • Was there for the Tattoo in February.

            +1 for the suckage.

            We were staying in Newtown… Jesus tapdancing Christ on a pogostick.
            When it wasn’t humid, it was belting rain… it was like being back in Darwin, only with more junkies.

            I’m sure the rest of Sydney was lovely though.
            We went on an epic pubcrawl through Sydney, up “the rocks” and… heck, I have no idea where.

  • Anyone seen the new Resident Evil movie yet? If so, is it any good?

    I enjoyed the first three more as generic action movies with zombies and Milla Jovovich. And Oded Fehr. The plots were pretty average.

    • He I saw it at the dead Ewing launch event last month. I actually sat next to those two movie review dudes. I didnt dig it. Story was so unbeeweavable that it just got funny. I am however not a fan of the series so don’t take my word for it. But yeah don’t look for a deep and moving story line.

  • Just saw a Majors Minute on xbox about migrating Xbox live accounts when you move countries.

    I gather it’s going to be part of the November update… and I know some users here had an issue migrating.

    Just thought I’d give a heads up.

    I know not everyone reads TalkAmongst, so maybe The CryingGamer would like to do a bulletin about it?

  • Can I ask a question about Batman: Arkham Asylum? …Ok Great. Is there a way of turning back on the campaign without losing all of your upgrades? I hate it when you play a game and you finely get cool weapons and abilities and then there’s on more enemies the game is finished and your just wondering around the opened world aimlessly. How can we get the Rocksteady Studios to make a patch to switch back on enemies in the campaign?

    • Can’t help you with batman, but this is one thing I love about Dead Rising 2! Once you finish, you can replay with all your upgrades still in place! w00t!

    • It’s not an option… far as I know.

      Post enemies is a time to be looking for those Riddler trophies and challenges.

    • There isn’t, unfortunately. Once you’ve progressed to a certain point in the story (right near the end), no enemies will be found, other than at the entrance to Joker’s ‘party’.

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