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    Until we get the actual weekly bargains section, I thought I'd actually contribute to this community rather than troll (You can pay me later, Mark. lol):

    1) Dogfighter: £1.05 (about $2.00 AUD I think)

    2) Telltale Games "Meet the Players" pack: $29.95 USD (also good prices on individual seasons, until november 1st)

    3) Numen: Contest of Heroes: $2.00 (I enjoyed it, despite it's flaws, definitely worth $2)

    4) GTA San Andreas: $3.75 US (Until the 28th)

    5) Batman AA Epic Edition: $13.60 US (DEFINITELY WORTH IT. GO BUY IT NOW!)

    6) League of Legends: $0.00 (A ripoff if you ask me)

    Also, if anyone wants a key for Costume Quest, I can't use mine (Don't have an Xbox/PS3), go ahead and message and I'll send it over (Mark, tell me if you've already redistributed mine... otherwise this might get awkward).

    Two last thoughts:
    - On Kotaku US, they have a weekly photoshop contest, any chance of bringing something similar over?
    - A Kotaku irc channel (or shoutbox) to pass the time? possible?


      LoL for zero dollars? maybe it's about time i switched from dota to HoN or LoL or just waited for dota 2. =[

        I've got HoN. It's amazing. Go get it. Right now.

        I'm still unsure whether Dota2 is free or not... everyone says it is but I haven't read anything concrete yet...

        I think LoL is better for casual play, and HoN for competetive. Different niche's methinks.

        If you love DOTA, then you will love HON (similar playstyle/heroes), but I will still recommend LOL, but you will have to get around very different champs and some pretty different mechanics. Also, I for some reason love LOL with all my heart, but can not get around HON/DOTA. Whatever floats your boat.

      Thanks dude! Will be getting our regular section up and running soon!

      Definitely agree with Arkham Asylum. If you haven't played it, you have no reason to go get it off steam.

      Also, if people have yet to hear about Zavvi and their Mega Monday sales, here's the link:
      They have vanquish + figurine for about $80-$90, and the latest Castlevania for about $50.

      Also, Game has Red Dead for $68

      Or if your willing to import, it's cheaper still.

      I'm dying to play Costume Quest but can't afford it just yet, so if no-one else got in first I'd love to take it off your poor 360/PS3-less hands.

        sure, what's your email?

        Also, there is a 50/50 chance Mark already gave it away, but he hasn't told me, so It's very likely that you can use it.

          Thanks, I'll give it a go and see.

          Email is smitemeister at hotmail dot com

            Done. I hope you enjoy it! :D

              Code already redeemed.
              Thanks for the thought, anyway.
              Guess I'll have to get Costume Quest the old-fashioned saving money.

      Dick Smith is the place to go for new gaems this week, folks.

      Fable 3 - $88
      Force Unleashed 2 - $79
      Super Scribblenauts - $50

      Dogfighter is $1.50 (confirmed this morning via steam)

      Red Faction Guerilla: $4.99 US (75% off)

      Poker Night At The Inventory: $4.49 US (10% off)

      Beyond Good and Evil: $9.99 US


      What platforms are these?

        These are all PC games, but I could find some console titles cheaper if you'd like (it just didn't occur to me...) XD

        Comment back if you're keen.

          My laptop aint the greatest gaming machine believe it or not. So yes please to the console cheapies.
          (If you get Lazy I have a X360 and a NDSL.)

    With regards to the bargain section, I've been having difficulty getting hold of the ecogamer guys, or finding a contact email. I'd like to do it in conjunction with them as a couple of people suggested. I know a couple of the guys post here, so I'm throwing it out there for you guys to get in contact with me! Or if someone could email me a point of contact that would be awesome!

      Try that^ if you haven't already. I don't know how likely they are to respond, but it's worth a shot anyway...

      Also, in regards to my points at the end of my original post, any thoughts?

      By the way, this is the 6th time I've tried to submit this message... I think Kotaku doesn't like me...

    Yay! Moving house is done! Success! Still no interweb for few days though til the transfer goes through, so only work connection for a day or two.. how painful. Better than nothing though.. need to feed my addiction one way or another ;) How did everyone elses weekend go?

      Yep. Spent the whole weekend watching my missus play Critter Crunch.

      But also got stuck into Super Meat Boy which is such an amazing game.

        Hmmm, it seems to me, as a Taxpayer (extroadinaire, I'd be happy for you to claim a lovely new TV set, couple of spare game consoles, some beanbags and 5 blocks of cheese and write it off as work expenses. :D

        Just picked up SMB on Saturday... Absolutely fantastic game!

        I was a huge fan of N+ and it is much the same... Only it has a better sense of humour and more 'sticky' movement.

        Also, the sound of meat running is the BEST.

      My weekend included gatecrashing Wollongong Unis cricket celebriy charity match. Nothing quite like sinking free booze whilst watching Greg Page get a hat trick which included Glen McGrath. In gaming news I wish I had filmed my fiancees face while she battled with Super Meat Boy.

      Read below for my weekend mate! Now, I think it is new house rules that at least one box must remain stuffed away, unpacked, for a minumum of 5 years. First box to unpack though it the computer/tv/stereo/consoles/games box. Upturn empty box for a chair, and hey presto you've done your bit of decorating!
      I should be on 'The Block' :)


      The PES2011 reminded me why I don't play sports games all that often... I'd have thought that playing as Man Utd against Australia would've given me a decent chance, but I still managed to draw (on an easy difficulty level mind you) - ended up turning the console off in a toddler-inspired huff.

      Got PlayTV cranking. A pleasant change from my EPG-less bravia... ended up recording a whole heap of crap that I wouldn't have otherwise looked twice at.


      Saturday night beers + sore head Sunday morning... no different to most other weekends really :)

      UFC121 - watching Lesnar get his face smashed in by Velasquez was probably the highlight of the weekend :D

        Did anyone see the Undertaker/Brock confrontation after the match? Very bizarre - not sure if it was a work or not.

        Can't believe just how easily Velasquez destroyed Brock. Saw a pic of him after the match - it looked like he had just stuck his face in a hornet's nest.

          Hmmm didn't see that confrontation; not sure how I missed it either cos I was glued to the stream.

          I think Velasquez winning just goes to show that all the talk about his technique and experience would back him up, actually had some truth to it. When he had Lesnar against the cage, each of his jabs were landing on Lesnar's head - as compared to Lesnar's arms-flailing technique (plus his general bullying around the cage, just using his size).

          Lots of great fights tho; Sanchez throwing Thiago onto the ground was a great highlight of that fight between two complete nutters. Interesting that Shields beat Kampmann too - crowd didn't seem to agree with the split decision... neither did I :)

          I’ll throw in my 2 cents regarding UFC 121.

          It’s not a work, Brock was understandably pissed that he just lost his title, and he just had a few passing words for taker.

          I think Brock still has a little WWE mentality going on. That the more people hate him, the bigger his pay check will be. Right now, I think the UFC will give Brock a few easy fights to bounce back into title contention. Brock v Big Nog could happen, Brock v Nelson, Brock v Congo or maybe even Brock v Mir 3.

          I was very impressed with Cain. He started the first round like a madman (as did Brock) and didn’t gas out. The fight with Dos Santos will be an epic. But I actually really want to see Cain v Carwin. I think Carwin really got screwed in his title fight. Sure he lost fair and square, but he dished out about 30 unanswered punches at the end of the first round. That fight should have been over. Cain delivers the same amount of punches and the fight was correctly stopped.

          I was really unimpressed with Shields, The UFC obviously tried to give him an easy win with his first fight. I’m betting Dana thought he would walk right through Kampmann (a la Brock’s first fight in the UFC) Dana practically assured him a title shot as soon as he walked into the UFC. I think his fight was boring, based on his performance in the octagon a title shot now is just stupid. If Shields had that much trouble with Kampmann, just imagine what he will be like against the top tier guys in the division. Granted he has like a 15 fight win streak, but most of those are to UFC burnouts or no name fighters.

          UFC title shots should be based on your performance/record in UFC, not other organizations.

          I think Lesnar was lucky to get a win in his last outing and Velasquez learnt from it and paced himself accordingly. Brocks a huge scary guy, but in the UFC, anyone can pull a win out of nowehere. I do hope though that there will be a rematch soon, that would be awesome!

          Oh, and ufc 120, london, my god, what a boring snorefest that was! I was so glad to see ufc121 bring the level back up again.

            I didn't mind the Bisping-Hardy fight at 120; I think it's pretty hillarious though how the yanks feel the need to give people with an English accent subtitles. You know, cos it's not like Americans speak english or anything... ;)

              Indeed, it is funny! There was an ultimate fighter series...last one? (cant remember), that was uk vs usa. Constantly had the subtitles, but the english kicked butt overall, so I'm not sure why it was such a let-down..?? Perhaps they all had pulled some bongs back-stage b4 they came out? :p Yeah, the bisping hardy fight was the only remdeming match-up.

      Glad your move went well, Welbot. We had people move in a couple doors down from us over the weekend too. Had a big truck parked outside our house amusing my son..."Truck!! Truck!!"

      Weekend went too fast. Saw Resident Evil 3D yesterday...I loved it. It was exactly what I expected: pure mindless exploding-zombie-head-y fun. I thought that for once 3D added to the experience too, so I was pleasantly surprised.

        I actually took my computer down on Friday night and got the office all setup then cos I knew come Saturday arvo, I'd be hangin for some gaming action, and it would have sucked to then have to start assembling my beast. I should take some pics soon! Very happy with my setup. Got a 23" LCD Monitor/tv on the left, 24" monitor in the middle, and little 19" monitor on the right. Surround sound and all the usual jazz in place and rockin now! Just need to spend some time unpacking my toys to place around the room now ;)
        Had a bit of fun setting up my new surround sound for the tv in the lounge room, and it's rockin the ps3 and xbox, but I turned on the media centre pc, watched the post boot stuff, and when it went to switch to the login screen, I got the dreadful no signal screen. Ever since then I can't even see the post screen during bootup anymore.. just constant no signal :( If I plug the pc in to the hdmi on the tv direct though, it works a treat. Gonna have to play around with it more and hope something comes good, cos that's the main thing I want working, as the main point for the surround sound was to watch movies on my pc with sexy sound :\
        Prolly gonna give guitar hero a bash this arvo though! Can just imagine how good that's gonna be a with huge thumping bass for a change!
        Apart from those little issues, everything else went smooth. Removalists only cost me $240 too! SCORE!

          w00! i has teh home interwebs! was a nice surprise to come home to! only bugger is my max downstream rate from here is only 5000 :( used to be 15000 at my old place.. oh wells.. at least i have connection! w00t!

          I'd whip open the case, yank out the vid-card and reseat that puppy, it may have come loose during the move? If your out pakenham way I could help you if you need it?

            hehe thanks qum, but i'm in a whole different state ;) and it's not the vid card anyway cos it works if i plug it directly in to the tv. while I was at work I thought about it a bit, and I might be able to get away with just leaving it in the tv and routing the sound through to the reciever via optical audio out from the tv. Just have to hope that wont introduce too much of a delay.

              Do you really think "Qum" is a good choice for a nickname?

                dirty dirty boy! ;) when I wrote it I was thinking more along the lines of kyoom kind of pronunciation!

    Can we have the opposite in a post including the most overpriced games currently on sale. You know a name and shame.

      If I may add a suggestion:
      CoD Black Ops for the low, low price of $89.99USD on Steam [AU].
      Or rather, just about everything else Activision has released recently.

    Hey Guys, I have a question I hope someone will be able to answer. AC:Brotherhood is coming out soon, and I was considering getting some kind of a Collector's Edition. The US version looks pretty awesome:

    I was wondering if anyone knew if I could import this and still be able to play online? I understand that the PS3 is region free, so I'd get through the campaign fine, but I would like to know if I could play online with fellow Australians. I've sent and email and posted on Ubisoft's forums, but no answer yet. Anyone able to help me out?

      There should be no reason why you couldn't play against anyone from Australia.

      The only problem that you might encounter, IF they release DLC for it, then that content MIGHT be tied to the BLUS (US) number on the spine of the case or disc. Instead of our BLES or BCES (Euro) numbers.

      Thus, DLC bought in the local store wouldn't be recognised by the US disc.

        Awesome, thanks! I probably will end up importing it if Ubisoft don't get back to me. Fingers crossed it all works!

          Something that I have done in the past... Buy the OS version and then wait for a couple of weeks after release and buy a local copy of the game pre-owned from EB Games.

          Then return the OS version back to the retail store. You can do it with a new copy also, but pre-owned is alot easier as you can pass it off as "thats what I bought, I didn't realise it was an OS copy"...

    Arrrghghghh Mondays! Who invented them??? I had vistors on the weekend, only this morning to find, one, yes one of their shoes... Seems, my daughters dog fancied it as the flavour of (supposedly) tinea is such a turn on. How did I not notice them leave barefooted?? Why did they say nothing?? Now I have to wait till they get home from work and apologise my arse off.... Mondays!
    Also, on Saturday, I ventured into the city because my other daughter has joined areobics, and it was a huge contest, by huge I mean we had to leave home at 6:00am, and left the contest at 3:00 freaking pm..... I mean, I was proud as punch seeing her up there performing (awesomely I will add), but after watching aerobics, non stop, for like 7 hours is surely a fate worse than waiting 10 years (it seems) for Gran Turismo. And, to top it off nicely, we left with a lovely thankyou from the fine chaps who run Melbourne, in the shape of a parking ticket. Just perfect.

    Oh, and Lesnar... Flying knee?? Again??? predictable much?

      That waiting would've been made worse given by the fact that you were not only watching 7 hours of non-stop aerobics, but ALSO waiting for GT release dates... aah the humanity!!

    So, I played the Force Unleashed 2 demo. After the first playthrough, I was all "Meh, that's pretty good, but I've had my fix, I can wait until it comes down in price."

    Then I played it again on the weekend and was all "OMFG this is the best fun I've had in SOO long, must buy this game right now!"

    Now, I'm a bit confused.

      Sounds like you need to play it a third time to sort out how you really feel about it.
      If you were thinking of buying it remember most game shops let you bring it back within a week if you didn't like it.

        That's good advice, thank :)

        Unfortunately, it's all pretty much a moot point because I have no money.

        Might be a day-one hire, day three-hundred purchase.

        Also, it might have something to do with the way I played it the second time.

        The first time, I took it easy, took my time getting through the level, kind of savouring it, but more just playing carefully.

        The second time, I just charged into every battle, and blitzed through the demo level in like five minutes. Much more satisfying.

        I think I'm going to go back to the original game and play it like that (unleashed, if you will), see if it's better that way.

        Anyone else find this?

      Don't be confused... come to the dark side.
      We have cookies.

      Most hilarious thing ever in the demo is to use mind trick on the stormies while you are in that super force fury mode. Every single one of them turned and started punching their friends.

    Wow... time to come up for some air. Work has been stupid busy for the last month!! I feel like I haven't been up to date with Kotaku for a loooong time.

    Game wise, I have been playing through a few games I got cheap through Just finished Operation Flashpoint last night, this game got a lot of flack for being a bit boring and very hard. I found it a refreshing change from the full on modern warfare FPS's out there. The amount of freedom to approach each mission was also refreshing. I loaded up and had a VERY quick poke around with The Sabatour last night. Way too early to post up what I think of gameplay just yet. But I did see some animated bewbs, so hooray for that. I am digging the art style as well, very comic booky.

    I also picked up Dragon Age Origins. This is not my normal game, I am about 3 hours in to it and am quite enjoying it. But I think this game will take a long time to get in to and learn all the RPG elements, so I am going to come back to it after I finish The Sabatour.

    Apart from these games, I haven't been up to too much apart from work! I competed in a 24 hour MTB race in Canberra the other week, I made up a video of how my team went... check it out!

      GeeeeBus! I was puffed out and tired after watching the first 30 secs! ;) You must be hella-fit! Anyways, great to see you back buddy :D

    Spent all of sunday playing new Vegas. Finished it last night, so starting up a new character this afternoon after work.

    Mai Waifu. Sneaky asian lady who stabs people with sharp stuff, and hates people talking about the west side. Might be Mr. House's right hand man (woman) this time, the NCR story arc kinda deflated during the last 2 missions.

    One down, 3 to go. gotta do House, Caesar's Legion and then claim New Vegas as my own.

      WTF? You finished New Vegas already?

      Did you just blitz through the main storyline only or something?

      wow, thats some fast gaming.

      I'm still waiting on Bethesda to activate the pre-order codes for xbox, I want to do a play through on hard with my vault 13 gear :)

        Indeed! Does anybody have any idea what is happening with these codes?

      Been playing since Tuesday last week - Activated it though the American Steam server. Finished it at midnight. :P

        - midnight last night. ended up blitzing through the main story once gigantic quest arcs started getting cut off from me getting through the NCR's missions. I was about 80% of the way through the NCR's story, and it was when I had to find a certain group inside a bunker was when I just said "F it" and just blitzed through it.

    So the Dead Space 2 : Collectors Edition will be making it down here... with replica Plasma Cutter included.'s+Edition

    This is more of an Ask Me Stuff, but if Mark could send off an email to EA to confirm if this is an EB Exclusive, because I would rather other stores if possible (GAME, reward points!).

    Also, as I'm a PS3 junkie it's not mentioned on the PS3 product page about the inclusion of Dead Space Extraction (Move Compatible)? If it's confirmed for Austrlai, which should be bundled similar to the recent Medal Of Honor : Frontline with Medal of Honor.

    If so, because at $128 for :
    Dead Space 2
    Dead Space Extraction
    Dead Space Ignition (free as pre-order)

    Is still a pretty sweet deal!

      I still reckon, that the replica gun would be the best exclusive if it was able to house the Move remote !!

      Playing Extraction on that would be brilliant !

      GAME is also selling the Collectors Editions now...

      Though there is no mention of either Extraction or Ignition... Hmmmm... will have to investigate that abit more!

    Damn Steam sales and making Batman: AA ridiculously cheap. Spent close to 13hrs yesterday playing it - Between hunting out Riddler stuff and all the other hidden things, found myself getting wrapped up in the game far too much.

    Well worth the cash if you can get to it before the sale ends today!

    Also, the Force Unleashed 2 demo is seriously awesome. Haven't had that much fun with a Star Wars game in a long, long time. If I can find the cash, will be buying it as soon as I can.

      Thanks Aaron, I would have missed AA if it wern't for you! :D Just purchased along with Deathspank! mwhahahahahahha!

      Not sure when I will find the time though to get through them yet, I need more me's. Like in Multiplicity, sure thing Steve.

        That's alright, it's definitely worth the effort :)

        I'd like to thank Blizzard for changing all of the class mechanics in WoW for me playing other games. Haven't been that interested in WoW since 4.0.1 launched, so i've been enjoying catching up on games I missed recently :)

    Spent half an hour this morning locked out of my own house, in the rain no less.

    I had my keys, but we went out the garage this morning, not the front door so the screen door was locked too.
    Turns out that despite me having lived there for 3 or so years, my husband's never given me the key to the screen door. :P

      all sunshine in WA :D

        Good times. Sunshine is good.
        Only problem is that it seems to not like me...

      Get a locksmith in, change the locks, and lock him out tonight! Revenge I say, get revengeeee!! I'm sure being locked out of your castle needing a key has some sort of gaming relevance, but I cant put my finger on it :p

    I'm going through my pile of shame at the moment.

    I'm back into Assassins Creed 2.
    I've realised why I stopped playing it.

    Jesus it's slow, and the camera is shitten me to tears.

    I'm on sequence 8 and would start birds of a feather if I could find Antonio... any one know where he's gotten to, he's not in the theives guild.

      I just finished it on 100% last night. Feathers are an absolute pain to get...

        I'm not even bothering with those... I'm just going to try and finish the story.

        Any idea where Anotonio got to in Venice?

          i don't remember where i found him, but i know i just kept following mission markers and eventually met up with him again.

            See, you need him to start that mission... checking the marked points on the map.

            It doesn't matter, it's going back on the pile.
            JB just rang me to tell me that Fable is ready for collection.

      can't beat finishing AC2 (except for feathers, everything else complete) at a cousins place (Back when I didn't have a ps3) and finding out you're unable to transfer save files. meaning you'd have to play it all again to have the save on your ps3.

      funtimes. =[

    I got Fallout New Vegas last week.
    I will see you all (reality, family, work, Kotaku faithful) next year!

      But what about when you are at work? You can still visit us here...


        I spend my time at work thinking about the decisions that I have made in game and whether or not it was the right one!!!!.

        OK, I will still check in at work, but know that I will be thinking about NV while doing it.

        I had never played a fallout game before 3 and just love the setting, gameplay etc. It is just the type of game that i can really get into.

        And regarding price, I traded my copy of DR2 which i paid $88 for and got a $75 trade in at GAME toward NV which was retailing for $89...

      I wanted to get New Vegas, but the Aussie tax on Steam was enough to make me give a big "Up yours" to Bethseda and not get NV (or plan to get any Bethseda title again for that matter).

    Is it wrong for me to get excited?

      It's been confirmed as a fake... so yes.

      Also, you're excitement is why we can't have nice things.

        fake or not... Uncharted 3 will happen, there is no denying that, it's just a matter of when.

        Still really don't think it's needed until late 2011 or just wait til 2012 sometime, there are plenty of fantastic games that are building up in 2011.

      I just want Nathan Fillion to be cast as Drake in the movie...

        Hear Hear! Even though I'm against games turning into movies in general, Nathan Fillion is perfect for Drake. Hell, when I first played Drake's Fortune, Drake immediately reminded me of Fillion.


    (If this is a Double Post, blame Firefox/Kotaku/My Computer in general)

      hmm, I've got an old laptop here running Windows 98 on it. I'm not doing anything for 30 mins, let's do this!

      *rolls up sleeves and turns it on*

      That is so, so epic. Nice find.

        Forgive my ignorance... I don't get it.

          S/he signed in to Windows without a password. The user attempted to print something and then used the printer setup window to access My Computer, effectively signing him/her into Windows.

    Has anyone played FFVII Crisis core on PSP. I want to finish it but it is just so terrible. I think i'm about half way. Just wish it was a movie like advent children was.

    And of course i set the combat to hard at the start.just means the boss fights take twice as long.

    can anyone recommend a good tactical/puzzle type psp game for me?

      Echochrome (kinda)?

      For a straight up puzzle game on PSP...


      Get it now! Starts off easy and slowly they add in a new element and it becomes rather difficult, getting your head around the mechanics does take a little while though.

      Very rewarding though.

      Awwwwwwwwwwww, I loved that game even went on and did all 300(?) missions.

      Can't remeber there being a difficulty choice.

      You need to learn to use Materia better and you become unstoppable.

        you loved it Really?

        But it is so repetitive. Also the random leveling of materia is soooo annoying!

          Its not actually random, thats a fake out to make it all fit it the scheme. The only random thing is which summon you get.

          Go on to gamefaqs read a guide, there seems to be more to this game than you realise.

            OMG! I just read the DMW FAQ! That is the most ridiculous system I have ever seen in a game.

            I guess i'll just keep pluggin away. I see that it's not totally random but you can only modify the percentages. You still can't do anything about when it happens.

            I would have been happy if they just kept the same system of buying and collecting from FFVII. There is nothing wrong with unlocking stronger attacks as the game progresses. I guess it just forces you to grind through the extra missions.

    Easily one of the Best minis, coming to the App Store on Thursday! Yay! People should play this if they haven't already.

    This has to be the best video on how to fix the 360's RROD ever.

    Would love to see more info maybe a review on the new cricket game.
    Being an Australian website, you'd think Kotaku would get behind this game a bit more, seeing as it came from an Australian company in Trickstar.

      I submitted a reader review for it yesterday.

    I have my first-year MedSci finals on friday 'til the 16th of November. I can't seem to get myself motivated to study in anyway, anyone got any suggestions.

      Try and imagine yourself having to do the whole course again. That should be motivation enough I would think ;)

    So my pre order bonus code for the Tribal Pack for New Vegas on PS3 isn't working. I've gone to the site it tells me to on the card the code came on if the code isn't working and sent tech support an email. Hopfully they can help me out.

    I've played about 8 hours of New Vegas so far. It's pretty fun though I think I prefered the green of Fallout 3 over the yellow of New Vegas. Not just talking about the HUD either but the actual colour of the landscape. New Vegas unfortunately has not fixed the problem Elder Scrolls 4 and Fallout 3 had, that it is really hard to make a good looking character.

    Also can't wait to start playing Fable 3. I wont be able to pick up my pre ordered copy for a few days though. Between that and New Vegas my gaming needs are taken care of for the rest of the year.

      Yeah, that character creator is a doozy.

      I thought I'd try and make a Captain Mal look-alike, but ended up with someone who looked like he had repeatedly hit himself in the face with a cinder block... That, and most of the characters you create somehow look really old.

      If you have not found the option already, you are able to change the colour of the HUD. Look for it in the options menu.

      Wont fix the yellow tinge in the environment though.

    How good are chocolate teddy bear biscuits!?

    The best way to end lunch. Then a quick kotaku update and back to work.

      Nope, Regular Teddy Bear Biscuits are far superior. The chocolate version always melts and sticks to your fingers. How annoying.

    I know, one-topic-poster, sorry.

    The Force Unleashed II reviews are starting to appear. It seems that the game is shaping up to be one of the biggest disappointments of 2010. (Their words, not mine)

    I was hoping the story would be good, but apparently it just plain sucks. It's like the Phantom Menace of SW games.

    I've been looking forward to this game for so long... I just want to cry.

      I vaguely recall The Phantom Menace being The Phantom Menace of Star Wars videogames too...

      Does anyone actually still have faith in Lucasarts at this point?

      That kinda sucks, Shane.
      I do often find though, that with a game you really looked forward to like that (I'm guessing you loved the first one?) reviews don't matter, you'll most likely have a lot of fun with it anyway.
      I know that for you, the story would be an extremely important factor in your enjoyment of the game, but do you like the gameplay enough to forgive the apparently lacklustre story? Maybe it's worth a rental to see.

      And that's exactly why LucasArts should contract some of the Star Wars Expanded Universe authors to write the games. Get Timothy Zahn, or Michael A. Stackpole, to write these.

    Hi Mark.
    I noticed there is no so what are you playing this weekend section any more.
    I used to like checking out what others where playing...

      Au contraire chum, we did it last week!

        Oh I missed the what are you playing this weekend!


        Laugh my best french laugh.... Aho hooaaaahhh, Aho hooaaaahhh... It sounds better than it types!

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