Tell Us Your Favourite Mods

Mods are what happens when somebody takes a game, cracks it open and either adds or fixes stuff that wasn't in the final retail product. They're a big reason people play PC games, and we want to hear your favourites.

For some games, mods are a fun way to tinker with the core title. Fix the user-interface, repair a few bugs, that sort of thing. For others, known as "total conversions", they can give a game a completely new lease of life, adding so much new content and changing so much of the original product that it feels like an all-new game.

Since there are simply too many mods for too many games to go about making some kind of "best of" list, I figured I'd simply share some of my favourites, then throw open the floor to see what you guys like.

Nehrim: At Fate's Edge (Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)

This is as good as mods get. Nehrim builds an entirely new game out of the building blocks of Oblivion, with new voice acting, new characters and even a new lore.

DarthMod Empire

I loved Empire: Total War. But I love Empire: Total War with DarthMod's tweaks a lot more. DM is what the actual Empire should have been, with better AI, more units on the screen and a wide range of other hugely important tweaks made to the mechanics of the game.

Star Wars: Requiem

It's the galactic struggle that is Sins of a Solar Empire. Only, it's with Star Wars units. Meaning you're no longer some guy in a starfighter or a lone jedi. You're the guy controlling the entire Empire or Rebellion, and you're doing it on the best 3D strategy engine since Homeworld (whose sequel had its own excellent Star Wars mod).

And yes, I know, I didn't even bring up Fallout 3, Morrowind, Counter-Strike or any other number of mod favourites. That's what you're about to do!

I've got one request, though: Try and stick to mods that you can actually play. None of this "coming soon but looks awesome" stuff, OK?


    STALKER has a huge modding scene and Oblivion Lost for the first STALKER, a set of overhauls, inclusions of cut content and tweaks springs to mind. I literally must have spent the same amount of time in the game all over again, it really felt like the game should have been, or at least an official expansion pack.

    Though I usually look into mods for my favorite games, that's probably the one I've played and enjoyed the most.

    Another honerable mention is Dawn of War Pro, for DoW Dark Crusade. The name sounds snobbish and off-putting, but instead of merely trying to make the game balanced and competetive and whatnot, it actually delivers a deeper experience and feel that's much closer to the source material for the games.

    I don't really mod many of the PC games I have. I did buy Oblivion game of the year on Steam (had it on 360 before) for the soul purpose of modding the hell out of it though. I can't recall the names of all the mods I got but I'll give it a go:
    Akatosh mounts
    28 days and a bit later (I think that was the name)
    One that overhauled the landscape. It added a bunch of lakes, caves, hills etc
    Lights in windows at night
    Alt start - arrive by boat
    dual wield

    I also got a bunch of weapons and armour. My favourite would have to be the glaives. I also got Midas spells and an enhanced Daedric invasion mod but never really tried them out. I did try that combat overhaul mod that a lot of people suggested but I didn't really like it. From videos it looked really cool and gory but in game it kinda sucked.

    How about that Black Mesa Source mod .... oh yeah it hasn't been released or even mentioned appart from a 2 page spin in PCPP with known information and a few more screen shots.

    Then add in the fact they made a big deal about it being released last year no ifs or buts and then went quiet on it all.

    I have a suspicion that BMS has been picked up by Valve to be released with either Portal 2 or HL2ep3.

    Or maybe it is abandonware - perhaps they should release what little they have done to the mod community and watch the other modders out there finish their work in 2 months keeping the same quality.

    MedianXL for Diablo 2
    Complete overhaul of Diablo 2.
    It's so good that even Blizzard like it. And have said it's inspired them.

    I've always been a fan of Zombie Panic Source, was really fun when I still played it, especially when playing with friends!

    Anyone remember Desert Storm for BF1942? That was loads of fun too

    I would like to put a mention in for Desert Combat for Battlefield 1942. I can't say much for the balance of the game but nobody has got helicopter controls right since. Nothing like crashing over and over again to make the sensation of flying all that much cooler.

    FOOK for Fallout 3...Not a total mod, rather an overhaul of the existing game, still managed to enable a more PC-originated game than the vanilla version. Will be interesting for New Vegas too.

    The Saber Battle X mods for Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2. It added things like Saber trails to the sabers and some new fighting stances making for some more awesome saber battles. It also added the Double edged blade and a longer variant of the lightsaber.

    While it doesn't look as good compared to the Jedi Outcast and onwards sabers, it was amazing for its time.

    Dark Forces 2 also had a fairly awesome looking Dragonball Z Total Conversion (The Destruction is Real), unfortunately by the time I had the adequate speed to actually play online and download said mod, no one was playing Dark Forces 2 anymore :(

    Goldeneye Source, if not the best mod out there.

    I'm gonna say Fallout: Wanders Edition was one of my favorites. When you make a mod to then have a developer put your mod (or at least its general concept) in the games sequel is a pretty big achievement.

    "The Ladder" for Jedi Outcast was very cool.

    This video is kinda bloody, so if you are squeamish, maybe don't click.

    I'd vote for the star wars one for homeworld.

    However, there was an excellent mod for C&C: Zero Hour, that turned it into a mechcommander game.
    There's the crysis mod that is a mechwarrior game and then there's all the stuff MekTek have done to Mech4 too.

    The have been a number of good mods for the half-life engine.
    Age of chivalry is still one of my favorites
    +1 to golden eye source as well

    Fall from heaven for civ 4 also deserves a mention.

    And since nobody has mentioned it how can you go past gary's mod

    Quite a few mods for STALKER were fantastic and the Welcome to the Wasteland mods (one for gameplay, one for guns) made Fallout 3 overall a much tougher and enjoyable experience.

    I'd like to make a shout out to the guys on Through The looking Glass is a fan forum site for Looking Glass games of yesteryear and they've done amazing things in keeping the old games alive (and in some cases, improving them from the vanilla product).

    To the guys who made all of the incredible System Shock 2 mods: Thank you so, so much. Especially Clay 'Zylonbane' Halliwel and Straylight. You guys have gone above and beyond.

    This brings back fond memories of Stuffswapper for the original Unreal Tournament - it was a mod that scanned your entire UT folder and isolated as many weapons and items as it could find from all the mods you had installed (and you could edit files manually to add things it couldn't find on its own) and made it possible to mix and match any items and weapons in the list for custom inventories, and even change the weapon placement in maps!

    You could make a good semi-realistic weapon set by combining AgentX with TacOps type mods, or blend the sci-fi guns from U4E, FEBA and ChaosUT, or you could just go insane and set it so that up to 100 different weapons would randomly spawn anywhere along the botpaths so you'd never know what guns everyone was going to have and where they found them!

    (this combined with the likes of Xmaps and Oldskool for setting up playlists of specific map and mod combinations was to me what made UT such a standout in terms of longevity.. especially when you could replay imported single player campaigns like Unreal with different weapon sets and gameplay parameters.. nowadays there doesn't seem to be nearly so much interoperability outside of much smaller mutators)

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