The 3DS Can Make A Mii Using A Photo

One of the more useful ways the Nintendo 3DS will be able to interact with Miis is its ability to take a person's picture then automatically generate an avatar based on the results. Here's that feature in action.

As you can see, all you need to do is take a photo of your (or someone else's) face, and after a little crunching (during which you get that cute little animation sequence) the 3DS spits out a Mii based on your facial features.

Or what it thinks are your facial features; I'm sure patience and a mirror could have achieved better results on a Wii than the 3DS managed in this instance. Then again, this will be mighty useful for those times you just want to make a Mii based on a friend and can't be bothered with the 5-15 minutes required to do it by hand.

[via GameVideos]


    I'm sure it works well in Japan

    It got a smile out of me watching that poor Mii struggling to get the cube off it's head.

    Seems like the beard confused the 3DS

      and the hair parted in the middle

    It looks like it just randomly chooses something, oh well Mii's suck, 4yrs of Wii ownership and i've never touched the Mii channel.

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