The 3DS Makes A Great Periscope

I want 3DS games like Steel Diver, games that aren't from familiar franchises and aren't just the side-scrolling submarine adventures I thought they were. Watch as the game turns the 3DS into a motion-sensitive virtual periscope.

The system seems to be using the 3DS' motion sensors to allow the user to rotate where they stand, peering for ships to torpedo. What a great idea!

This is another fine video uploaded to YouTube by user LogicToilet. I salute you!

The 3DS is slated for a February release in Japan. Steel Diver will be published by Nintendo and presumably will come to the West as well.

[3DS] STEEL DIVER [YouTube via 8-4's @sprsk]


    I had imagined that this type of gameplay would be "the next big thing" since soon after the details were announced. You could create all sorts of "virtual reality" type games where it's like you're looking into another world through a magical window. Imagine a survival horror game where you can only see what's right in front of where you're holding the device. It would be truly terrifying.

      By "soon after the details were announced" I am referring to soon after the details "of the 3ds" were announced.

    is it just me or does the guy in blue's shirt say f**k you

    oh wait it's funk you... ..-_-

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