Nintendo 3DS Will Have Firmware Updates

Nintendo's upcoming portable, the Nintendo 3DS, will have firmware updates. According to company president Satoru Iwata, this isn't only to stop piracy.

The 3DS will update automatically, and the fact that the portable is updating automatically is an important feature to Nintendo. According to Iwata's past experience, manual updates can prevent some individuals from updating their machines.

Thus, the 3DS' automatic updates can definitely help Nintendo combat piracy, but also, as Iwata points out, it can enable Nintendo to introduce new features. This ability, Iwata says, is more important to Nintendo than stopping piracy.

"The main thing we want to do is offer players new features whenever possible," said Iwata.

It is even possible for Nintendo to offer firmware updates through the software ROM cartridges as well.

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    Legally, they cannot force us to auto-update, as features might change and thus alter the Terms and Conditions. If you don't update, it will probably do something like shut off your wi-fi.

      I'm guessing they could possibly force auto updates by requiring particular games to need a certain firmware version before it will run...just like they have done with some XBOX360 and PS3 games.

        especially with all the 1st party games that NINTENDO will throw out.

      Maybe they'll stipulate a new form of terms and conditions when you actually buy the device, and on the games sold with it after. Nintendo wouldn't do this without having their bases covered.

    I'm all for updates - they give you new stuff and stop piracy 'n all - but I don't like the idea of anything internet-related to be forced. Don't people realise places like Australia have terrible internet limits?

    Sure the updates will probably only be around 50mb-ish but that can still cause some problems; for example, I am constantly finding that I go over my internet limit around mid-way through the month and any internet I use after that costs 15c per mb. If I'm innocently playing my 3DS after my download limit is blown and an update automatically downloads, that's already (assuming it actually is 50mb) $7.50 spent without my knowledge, and if there are more updates that month the money spent will get big.

    I don't like the sound of this...

    I do not have a wi-fi network so No updated for me. Someone will find a method to stop auto-updates, I hope they do.

    doubt this will work to stop piracy. Chances are periodically they'll get developers to do a patch update from the game cartridge so you dont need to be connected to the internet to update. Once hackers get into the console, they can effectively still pirate games by blocking updates and downloading craked versions on the net. Just look at the wii for example

    My Battery is low, and die half way through auto update. Now I have a dead 3DS...

    I smell, a lot of law suits about to happen.

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