The Best Halo: Reach Kill You'll See Today

Get ready to reach for the replay button, as this brief Halo: Reach clip highlights one of the best multiplayer kills we've seen to date in Bungie's newest sci-fi shooter.

Either through luck, communication or plain old hard work—or some combination of all three—this outstanding airborne kill feels like it belongs on a Successories motivational poster.

Seen on, uploaded by player "HeeroYhui."


    Holy shit... what the f...

    That's damn impressive!

    That's pretty cool. There are a surprising amount of people jumping off of Spire and assassinating someone on the landing too.

    Pretty average IMO, especially since the rocket locks on.

      rockets take longer than that to lock on

        Yea, it didn't look like it locked on. But still, it's pretty average. It's a Banshee that was moving slowly and in his direction. From close range like that, not that hard to shoot.

    Not bad, would have been way more impressed if he had've hi-jacked it instead of launching a rocket at it.

    It's crazy because thats the kind of stunt that would give over the top action movies pause but he pulls it off.

    It's the getting back in the helicopter that makes it.

    good timing i suppose and communication, not that impressive to me

    This is nothing compared to some of the old Tribes killshot videos. MA discing will live on in slaw vids forever!!

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