The Control Pad Family Tree

Steve Cable has whipped up this handy "family tree" of video game controllers (click through for the full thing). Informative and educational!

As seen on CX Partners. Thanks Josh!


    Im impressed. A few things tho:
    My WaveBird doesnt have a cord.
    GBA was a usable control system for GCN. (Koo Loo Limpah!) As is the PSP for PS3, I guess.

    And dont SplitFish-style controllers count?

      Not having a cord was the whole point of the Wavebird... It was a wireless GameCube controller. Pretty glaring mistake on the Steve Cable's behalf there.

    I see the PlayStation Move, but I don't see the Kinect. Not a control-pad exactly, but (matbe) an evolution in game control, as the chart suggests.

    - 6-Axis -> Dual Shock 3
    - Eyetoy -> Kinect

    Hehe they even have a Negcon there. Loved that controller when the only alternative was the then digital PS1 controller. Wipeout and F1 were fantastic with it. Would love an updated version to be released.

    Oh, the memories.

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